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December, 2012

  • Jerry Nixon

    Hey IT Pros! What developers already know about Windows 8

    Remember how Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan ended? Spock saved the Enterprise but died from radiation exposure. Fortunately, Spock mind-melded with Bones before his famous “I am and always will be your friend”. That’s how Kirk restored Spock’s Genesis...
  • Jerry Nixon

    DevRadio: Developing your Windows 8 Apps using Visual C++

    Abstract: clip_image002
    Jerry Nixon welcomes Eric Battalio, Ayman Shoukry and Raman Sharma from the Visual C++ team as they discuss how you can develop Windows 8 apps using C++. Tune in as they provide best practices and reasons why you would want to use this language.

  • Jerry Nixon

    Walkthrough: Implementing SnapView in your Windows 8 App

    imageThere are four supported orientations in Windows 8. There is Full View, Snap View, Fill View and Portrait View. Each is important in the overall strategy of Windows 8. In order to get your app into the Windows Store, you must support the Full, Snap and Fill view. And to support them, XAML uses ViewStates that easily execute custom animations and show your tailored content.

    What view?

    The different views in Windows are something developers have to deal with but are fundamentally one of Windows 8’s core differentiators in the marketplace. Since a Windows 8 is only active when it is visible it means that only one app can run at a time – similar to the IPad. But because of SnapView, Windows 8 allows users to view more than one app at a time, even if the second app is in a narrow format. As a result, the user can enjoy more than one app at a time, increasing the opportunity for productivity.


    The image above shows the Full, Snap, and Fill View on a slate device, respectively. It is an important note to say that Snap is not a touch-only mechanism. I run on a desktop that has no touch input. I use snap. It allows me to have more than one Windows 8 app up at one time. It also allows me to have a desktop app and a Windows 8 app running at the same time. It’s nice.

  • Jerry Nixon

    Walkthrough: Building a Sweet Dial in XAML for Windows 8

    imageCustom XAML controls are a breeze. But, honestly, if you aren’t familiar with building them, there’s a learning curve. Let’s break this barrier and build a custom user control together.

    I’ll build a control that works like a standard oven dial. The application uses of such a control are many. The implementation is a little sticky, but I can do it in about 10 minutes. That should raise your confidence a little. Plus, it will demonstrate the flexibility and power of the XAML framework for building complex controls with simple implementation.

  • Jerry Nixon

    Walkthough: Use XAML’s 3D PlaneProjection to Open a Window and See What’s Inside

    Here we go again, down the fun road with XAML. This time, since it’s Christmastime, I’ll throw together a Christmas-themed demo for you! Of what fun it is to code in XAML and Expression Blend, hey! So in the video below I will use some awesome features...
  • Jerry Nixon

    DevRadio: You’re Coding from the Wrong End! Adventures in Advanced Data Modeling

    imageThis is a combined post of part 1, 2, and three especially united for my readers. in this episode I have a lot of fun with Buck Woody who has forgotten more about Data Modeling that most of us. Listen in and take a course with the professor.

    Jerry Nixon welcomes Sr. Technology Specialist from the Windows Azure team, Buck Woody to the show as they kick-off their 3 part series on how data applies to developers and how this ties in with Windows Azure’s service offerings. Tune in for part 1 of this 3 part series as they discuss data modeling and how this should be used first in the design process.

  • Jerry Nixon

    Windows 8 Play, Pause, Resume. Do you even know what it is?

    Join Jerry Nixon, Developer Evangelist for Microsoft and Brian Tyler, Principal Development Lead, Xbox LIVE Services, as Brian discusses Xbox Live for Windows which provides connections to the cloud and is all about you as a player. Gamers will be excited...
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