Jerry Nixon

Microsoft Developer Evangelist

May, 2013

  • Jerry Nixon

    Ready to learn XAML?

    Daren May and I teach the basics of Windows 8 XAML in a Jump Start course for Microsoft Virtual Academy (Recorded May 2013). If you are learning XAML, come learn with us in this free, all-day course (now available on demand). We have a lot of fun in these...
  • Jerry Nixon

    Horizontal Screen Breakpoints for Web Designers to Support

    It’s difficult to create a site that looks great across browsers. The weaker web developers simply give up – supporting only a piece of the market, squandering opportunity for themselves or their customers.


    But, now the ante is raised with responsive web design. Leveraging CSS media queries, developers rearrange content to accommodate the width (et al) of different screen sizes. And it’s not simply a normal site with a mobile site, too. Users are coming at you with a myriad screen sizes.

  • Jerry Nixon

    Best Windows Phone Commercial Ever

    “Siri, search one-trick pony” “Aren’t you a little young to have an IPhone” “Isheep” “Copy-bots” “Auto-correct… this!” Boom! “Is there an app for that?” “Siri, search karate! No, Ka-ra-te!” “Do you think if they knew about the Nokia Lumia they would stop...
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