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    Microsoft DevRadio: Your Top Windows Store Questions Answered

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    Jerry Nixon welcomes Principal Program Manager Arik Cohen to the show as they discuss the recently launched Windows Store and a wide variety of topics developers ask most.

    • [8:11] Can I use my existing MSI to sell my apps?
    • [9:51] Can I use the Windows Store as a delivery mechanism for a Windows 32 bit desktop app?
    • [11:45] What other markets / currency does the Windows Store support?
    • [14:16] Can Penguins in Antarctica use the Windows Store?
    • [15:34] What is the opportunity size for Windows 8 Developers?
    • [16:32] Payment Options?
    • [18:20] How are apps sorted? How can I get featured?
    • [20:41] What analytics are available?
    • [22:10] How do I get paid?
    • [24:35] What is the revenue split?
    • [25:54] Pricing & Licensing for my app?
    • [30:41] Do trials work?
    • [36:31] What about subscription support for my app?
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    Turns out Windows 8 is “the most secure OS” on the planet.

    From ITPortal : After a week of rampant hacking at the Black Hat and DEF CON security conferences in Las Vegas, one operating system escaped unscathed: Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 8. Yes, Windows 8 – you read that right. It is looking like Microsoft...
  • Jerry Nixon

    WP7 Sample: An Accelerator-based App in 5 Minutes

    As I have discussed in previous posts, there are lots of great sensors at the disposal of the Windows Phone application developer. One of them is the Accelerometer . The accelerometer measures the tilt of the device in both the X axis and Y axis. You...
  • Jerry Nixon

    Mango Sample: A Cloud-based Phone App in 5 Minutes

    When you create a Windows Phone application you might have some data to store. Where do you store it? Well, there’s always Isolated Storage . I discuss that here .  There’s always a local SQL Database . I discuss that here . But, what if on-the-phone...
  • Jerry Nixon

    Mango Online Workshop (Next Week) – Databases

    In this live session I will be stepping through the process to add a database your Windows Phone applications. In fact, I will be discussing the three core techniques I wrote about in these articles: Using Code-First Using SQL Metal Using SQL Toolbox...
  • Jerry Nixon

    Windows 8: Top 10 Reasons why Metro development smokes Windows Desktop development

    Windows 7 had one application scenario – desktop apps. Windows 8 has two application scenarios – desktop and Metro. Metro is the start menu, but also a shell in which app containers execute. Note: Metro developers can build native apps in JavaScript,...
  • Jerry Nixon

    Does it still make sense to learn ASP.Net?

    Wow, what a fascinating question! Scott Gutherie deals with that and other great questions during his User Group presentation to LIDNUG on Jan 16, 2012. What is the future of Silverlight? Will Silverlight desktop apps run on Windows 8? What's new in ...
  • Jerry Nixon

    There is absolutely *no* reason you aren’t using Visual Studio ULTIMATE!

    imageOften when I talk to developers the examples I provide them or the walkthroughs I give them don’t match their version of Visual Studio. And why? Because they are using Express. Expression is the free version of Visual Studio and for what it is, it’s awesome. But VS Ultimate is the freakin’ bomb!

    Here the deal: if you are a developer there is absolutely no reason reason you aren’t using Visual Studio Ultimate to build your Windows 8 app!

  • Jerry Nixon

    WP7 Sample: A Microphone-enabled Phone App in 5 Minutes!

    There are a lot of sensors on the Windows Phone. We’ve got: Microphone GPS Location Camera (front & back) Gyroscope / Accelerometer Magnetometer / Compass I suppose we could also say the touch panel is a sensor, but it is so ubiquitous that we just...
  • Jerry Nixon

    Windows 8 Play, Pause, Resume. Do you even know what it is?

    Join Jerry Nixon, Developer Evangelist for Microsoft and Brian Tyler, Principal Development Lead, Xbox LIVE Services, as Brian discusses Xbox Live for Windows which provides connections to the cloud and is all about you as a player. Gamers will be excited...
  • Jerry Nixon

    Mango Sample: Local Database Part 2:2

    Storing Windows Phone application data is a pretty normal requirement. If you want it to persist across sessions, or even phone reboots, you really have three options: Save to the Cloud Save to Isolated Storage Save to Local Database Each is correct for...
  • Jerry Nixon

    The most Comprehensive Blend for Visual Studio training you will ever receive – for Free; you’re welcome!

    November 2013, immediately after the release of Visual Studio 2013, I sat down for an all-day session with Unni Ravindranathan, the Senior Program Manager for Blend. Who better to walk through, not the new features of Blend, but all the core features...
  • Jerry Nixon

    Windows 8: Moving Metro Around

    imageSo many people didn’t enjoy the love that the Windows key gave in Windows 7. To them, the Windows key was a useless key. To them, they simply didn’t know.

    Now with Windows 8 there is even more love! Will you make the most of it or are you “one of those users”? My mom, by the way, is holding a user group next Thursday for those users – BYOB (bring your own bengay). ;)

    Actually: my mom isn’t holding a user group next Thursday – if you are one of those users, then you are on your own!

    Windows 7

    My favorite use of the Windows key in Windows 7 was to use Windows key + Shift + the Left/Right arrows. This keystroke combination effortlessly relocated the current window from one monitor to another.

  • Jerry Nixon

    How to uniquely identify a device in WinRT?

    This is a nice trick that has been introduced in RTM. Why do you want to identify a device? Because you might be syndicating content or data from your services to a device or devices and you want to partition based on what is already present (sort of...
  • Jerry Nixon

    I used to want a Surface (table), this new monitor makes me second guess!

    I know PixelSense has a camera. But I am yet to be sold that anyone knows how to make use of the camera in PixelSense . What I love is the form factor. I always wanted a table computer – to share pictures and whatever in a home environment. Not to be...
  • Jerry Nixon

    Why Google Docs Suck!

    To get your point across, style matters . Making your point takes flair and sometimes some swagger, and you always need substance. So, your message needs to be complete and your document’s format needs to be what you intended. Of course, you want to have...
  • Jerry Nixon

    Adding Location, Geocoding, and Bing Maps to Windows 8 Apps

    Did you know that the Windows 8 Location service does not require a GPS? It’s totally true. So many applications have to use location and so many applications should. With Windows 8, sensors and location isn’t a “what if” it’s a standard service that...
  • Jerry Nixon

    Announcing: WCF Data Services 5.1 Released!

    First and most importantly, this morning (November 7th) we uploaded WCF Data Services 5.1 to NuGet. "5.1" is a deceptive version number - this release of WCF Data Services is arguably one of the most important releases as it contains the new...
  • Jerry Nixon

    Developer Links to Learn about Visual Studio 11

    Visual Studio 11 is retooled for Metro development in Windows 8. However, there is *so* much more than that. Visual Studio 11 has a rich set of new features and capabilities. Here are some links to check out what new in the BETA: Visual Studio 11 BETA...
  • Jerry Nixon

    This is the most important control you may ever use

    There are two version of PianoTime for Windows 8 – a successful title from a Colorado publisher. The free version sponsored by ads, and the $3.48 ad free version. Do people purchase their way out of ads? Yes, they do. Do most people. No, they don’t. So...
  • Jerry Nixon

    Will project “Roslyn” change how developers use Visual Studio?

    The Roslyn Community Technology Preview (CTP) was released in October 2011. To help understand the significance and the promise of the Roslyn project, I've prepared a series of questions and answers. The questions are my own and the answers are based...
  • Jerry Nixon

    The two ways to handle orientation in your Windows 8.1 app

    imageAh, elegance. Handling orientation basically means adjusting your app to account for real estate changes when the user pivots their device from Landscape to Portrait, or when the user adjusts your app’s width.

    In Windows 8.0, there were four possible orientations: FullView (1366x768), FillView (1024x768), SnapView (320x768), and Portrait (768x1366). In Windows 8.1 there are two possible orientations: Landscape (width > height) and Portrait (width < height).

    CAVEAT: In either case, screen size (inches) can vary across devices. An increase in screen size (not to be confused with resolution), introduces new (or less) real estate for your app’s UX. As a result, developers should build responsive layouts to handle increases and decreases in screen real estate.

    Nostalgia: Yonder SnapView?

    Kids today don’t even know what we’re talking about when we say SnapView. We might as well be talking vacuum tubes and punch cards. So, where’s SnapView? Here’s the secret: it’s still there! In Windows 8.1 the minimum app width is 500 pixels. However, with a simple setting in your app’s manifest the 320 pixel width comes right back! You just don’t have SnapView enum anymore.

  • Jerry Nixon

    With Steven Sinofsky leaving Microsoft, Windows 8 will have to stand on its own!

    It’s amazing what Steven has accomplished as the head of the Microsoft Windows Division. I am sure he is exhausted after the past years of miracle-working. I will miss his tenacity to do what everyone else didn’t think could be done! With Steven gone...
  • Jerry Nixon

    30 questions about Windows 8 that I get asked all the time

    As a developer evangelist, I interact with a lot of developers. Many developers are just meeting Windows 8 for the very first time. Some developers have started to tinker. And, others are deep into their first application – on target for the store. The...
  • Jerry Nixon

    Holy Smokes. Windows Phone on a Flexible Display? Awesome!

    imageAt the CES Keynote, some amazing things happened. For not being part of CES, Microsoft was all over it!

    “It should be clear that there is no rule that says displays or computers need to be flat, opaque or rigid.“

    “Microsoft vision is that sensors like Kinect combined with flexible, transparent and projected displays will bring us to a point where any object can be a surface and can be a computer.“

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