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    WP7 Sample: Use Location Services *and* get Certified!

    Allow me to draw your attention to this Windows Phone application Certification Requirement: Requirement 2.7.2 The privacy policy of your application must inform users about how location data from the Location Service API is used and disclosed and the...
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    Windows 8 apps need 28 logo varietals; enter Expression Design

    imageOne of the best parts of Expression Design transitioning to a free download is that it is now free. Design is awesome to create complex vector art and export it as XAML. Design can also create various sizes of the same design so your Store app can be successful.

    Note: You can download Design here.

    A Windows Store app needs a logo. As a matter of fact, a Windows Store app needs a logo, a wide logo, a small logo, and a store logo. That’s not so bad, right? Trust me when I say, creating your logo in Design or a tool like Design will save you a lot of heart ache.

    Since I just did this for my Free Timer app, I’ll share my technique.

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    Windows 8 Resources & Links to get started quickly

    What you need:

    1. Create a bootable USB?
    2. Setup boot to VHD?
    3. Get an Azure account?
    4. Get Windows 8?
    5. Get Visual Studio 2012?
    6. Get Windows Live SDK?
    7. Get Windows 8 Samples?
    8. Get Multiligual Toolkit?
    9. Get Advertising SDK?
    10. Get Design Assets?
    11. Register your App?
    12. Join 30 to Launch?
    13. View the online labs?

    Here’s a cheat sheet!

    Windows 8 Resources and Links Cheat Sheet

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    Announcing! Windows 8 Bing Maps SDK is Available!

    You heard me right! Awesome! Get it here: So many of you developers with Windows 8 applications with maps were waiting with baited breath. Now you no longer have to wait! You can rebuild your app in RTM bits and submit to the store...
  • Jerry Nixon

    Windows 8: Top 10 Reasons Why I choose XAML Metro over HTML5

    Windows 8 introduces Metro as a new a development paradigm on the Microsoft platform. I get asked which people should choose all the time. For me, I chose C#/XAML. Here I wanted to walk through some of the key reasons I did just that: 1. It’s a Nail It...
  • Jerry Nixon

    Walkthrough: Two-way binding inside a XAML User Control

    User controls are a great way couple logic and XAML in an encapsulated way. You can reuse a user control over and over and the logic is isolated from the general flow of your program. This article is not about creating a user control. This article is...
  • Jerry Nixon

    WP7 Sample: A GPS-enabled Phone App in 5 minutes!

    One of the best parts of Windows Phone application development is how fast you can add sophisticated functionality to your solution. In fact, I was teaching a weekend crash course on Windows Phone at Brigham Young University a few weeks back. Here’s a...
  • Jerry Nixon

    Mango Sample: Icon Design

    Let’s take a minute to walk without using Express Design to create a logo for your Windows Phone application. Expression Design is included in the Expression Suite – it is NOT included with the free version of Expression Blend (which is included in the...
  • Jerry Nixon

    Save the date! For Windows Phone 8 on October 29th

    If you are like me and you love Windows Phone, then you are excited about the next version (Windows Phone 8). If you are like me and you love to develop for Windows Phone, then you are excited about the next version. When is the next version coming? Well...
  • Jerry Nixon

    Mango Sample: Exit Application

    In a WPF application you say App.Exit() and your application terminates. It’s not so simple in Windows Phone. Since there is no Exit() method – it’s hard to know what to do. I’ll assumption there are valid reasons to exit your application. One example...
  • Jerry Nixon

    New Pepsi website flatters Windows 8!

    It’s a funny thing to see the new UX look and feel of Windows 8 as the core style on a major web site like . Flattery is the best form imitation for politicians. For designers, imitation is the best form of flattery. When our UX...
  • Jerry Nixon

    Light-styled XAML Controls in a Dark-themed Win8 Project

    imageOne of my favorite Colorado community leaders and XAML Jedi, Shawn Kendrot, wrote a great article helping XAML developers dynamically style controls with the standard light and dark layouts. In his article, Shawn uses the Settings charm to show how to do it.

    One of the things I love about Windows Store apps is their ability to integrate with the system. One of these integration points is the Settings Charm. I’m not going to show you how to create a settings flyout. There are already lots of examples out there that do this. There are even some helpers like the SettingsFlyout available in Callisto and the helper created by Jerry Nixon. Recently Tim Heuer made a change to the SettingsFlyout to set the background to white. This change allows your app to follow the guidelines. He also added a property that allows you to change what you want the background to be if you are not a fan of white.

  • Jerry Nixon

    It’s official. Goodbye Windows live Messenger. Hello Skype.

    Think Microsoft has too many messaging engines (Messenger, Lync, Skype)? Honestly, can you really have too many messaging engines? Well, it turns out “yes, you can”. All it took was the inevitable integration of the Microsoft Account into the Skype world...
  • Jerry Nixon

    Mango Sample: 3 Solutions to Formatting Problems

    One of the most powerful aspects of XAML is it’s rich and dynamic support for data binding. MSDN : Data binding provides a simple way for Silverlight-based applications to display and interact with data. The way data is displayed is separated from the...
  • Jerry Nixon

    Introducing the Windows Azure Store; we’ve loved it for years!

    imageMy fellow developer evangelist in California, Bret Stateham, wrote a great article on how Windows Azure developers can now more-easily leverage the Windows Azure Data Marketplace. Check it out.

    Did you know that Windows Azure has it’s own store?  It’s been around for some time as the Windows Azure Marketplace.  Well, today an update to the Windows Azure Management portal allows both store vendors and consumers a much better shopping experience! 

  • Jerry Nixon

    Windows 8.1 design principles hand developers back their sanity

    imageWhen the computer mouse was new, it was simple to use but unfamiliar to users. As a result, user manuals could not say “click the red X”. Instead, they had to say, “move the mouse on your desk to control the pointer on your screen”. The idea of the mouse was new – the conversation had to start several steps back. After the mouse was successfully socialized and established as an input modality, user manuals could confidently say “click the red X”.

  • Jerry Nixon

    Windows Server 8 Storage Management

    Windows Server 8 is introducing seriously big and awesome enhancements for the enterprise. As a cloud-optimized operating system, Storage Management has a host of new features and requirements. My colleague IT Pro evangelist, Chris Henley, in California...
  • Jerry Nixon

    Walkthrough: Adding Text Translation to your Windows 8 App

    imageThe Microsoft Translator is a powerful service that developers can leverage in their Windows 8 apps. It’s core functions are to detect the language of some text. To translate text from one language to another. And, to read text to you – that’s right! The API is hosted on Azure’s Data Marketplace. It has a pricing schedule, including a free tier that developers can leverage to develop with the API.

    ADM: Microsoft Translator delivers automatic translation (Machine Translation) of a text into a specified language. It is a state-of-the-art statistical machine translation system translating between any of the supported languages, and powering millions of translations every day. It also provides additional functionality such as detection of the language of a given text. For more technical information about Microsoft Translator, please visit

  • Jerry Nixon

    Walkthrough: Dynamically Skinning your Windows 8 App

    One powerful feature of XAML is the ability to make any control look however the developer or designer wants without having to change the control itself. Similar to, but far more powerful than CSS, skinning a control in XAML lets you change how it looks...
  • Jerry Nixon

    Walkthrough: Capturing photos in your Windows 8 application

    Windows 8 apps easily access all the sensors on a Windows 8 machine. But Windows 8 apps can’t access any sensors on a Windows 8 machine without first asking the user’s permission. Asking Permission Windows 8 apps are safe. That’s...
  • Jerry Nixon

    5 Questions on Solid State

    One of our Colorado Storage MVPs, and coordinator of the Windows Technology User Group , recently wrote an article Search Data Center addressing 5 of the core questions around SSD. Everyone wants better storage performance and solid state drive...
  • Jerry Nixon

    5 things you must do BEFORE you publish your app.

    You have your idea. You are developing your app. It’s coming along great. You can see the finish line. But do you need to do more than just develop your app? Here are 10 things you should do before you publish.


  • Jerry Nixon

    What are the Best Practices for Windows 8 apps on ARM? I’ll show you.

    You must plan for every feature in your app, and the same is true for performance. Planning for performance consists of determining what your performance-critical scenarios will be, defining what good performance means, and measuring early enough in the...
  • Jerry Nixon

    Really?! OneNote vs. EverNote

    Leonardo da Vinci gave us a different note-taking paradigm. His notes started in the middle of the page, not the top, where he wrote or illustrated the core theme of that particular page of notes. From there he drew branches out to various main topics...
  • Jerry Nixon

    Wanna see the Unreal Engine running on Windows RT?

    NVidia has done it. They, with their partners have ported the full (yes, full) PC version of the Unreal engine over to Windows RT. You heard me! That means games that are currently on Xbox (like Mass Effect) and the PC can be easily ported and you can...
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