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What it is like to be a tester on the Microsoft OneNote team and day to day life as an SDET in Office. Plus a few tips for using OneNote and an occasional powertoy.

December, 2007

  • OneNote Testing

    Money times money = ?

    Over on the OneNote Discussion Group, there is a comment about Napkin Math and its order of operations. In short, some users are noticing that simple formulas like: 1/2*4= shows as "0.125" in OneNote and not "2". Fair enough - it's a bug in OneNote...
  • OneNote Testing

    Updating the easy way to debug addins

    I received a few questions about my tip concerning a quicker way to troubleshoot addins during development. As mentioned in the comments, OneNote needs to exit before rebuilding and replacing your DLL. Since I normally take a while between debugging...
  • OneNote Testing

    The obligatory end of the year summary from OneNote Testing

    I've been in OneNote for just over a year now. Since the purpose of this blog is describing the day to day life of OneNote testers, I want to sum up the work we have completed in the past year, how well we have performed and give an idea of where I think...
  • OneNote Testing

    Journal to OneNote Importer

    Lin Wang finished fine tuning the Windows Journal Importer tool and here it is. Just like it's name says, this tool will let you import your Windows Journal files from your tablet into OneNote. It's not strictly a OneNote addin - it installs into the...
  • OneNote Testing

    How to create a "floating" toolbar in OneNote

    Gary Neitzke took a few minutes to create a draft of how to create a "floating toolbar" with your addins for OneNote. This is the tecnique he used for the image rotator . I keep putting "floating toolbar" in quotes for a reason. This really isn't a...
  • OneNote Testing

    Some initial results from the "Week of OneNote Powertoys"

    I've heard from quite a few people already via email and comments and seen indirectly some great feedback via other blogs on the "Week of OneNote Powertoys." And as usual, I was surprised by the most popular addin: the Task Request from Meeting Notes...
  • OneNote Testing

    Notebook cleaner and privatizer powertoy

    People that publish shared notebooks in some environments have a couple of requests which need to be addressed. First, suppose you are an administrator creating a section or some pages in a "New Employee Orientation" notebook which will be shared with...
  • OneNote Testing

    Image Rotator Powertoy for OneNote 2007

      Image Rotation Tool   Gary Neitzke decided to close a small functionality hole in OneNote.   It's easy to rotate ink or drawings you create, but images cannot be rotated.   Enter Gary's Image Rotation Powertoy.   This one is...
  • OneNote Testing

    Template Manager Powertoy for OneNote 2007

      We're halfway through the "Week of OneNote Powertoys!"  Remember: these addins make great stocking stuffers...   Again, Jeff Cardon has created an incredibly useful addin for OneNote 2007.   His template manager lets you...
  • OneNote Testing

    Media Fine Tuner Powertoy for OneNote

      For those of you who take notes while recording audio, Jeff Cardon has created a fine tuner for "moving" the start time of the notes you typed and aligning them with where in the audio you want the note to play.   For those of you...
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