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What it is like to be a tester on the Microsoft OneNote team and day to day life as an SDET in Office. Plus a few tips for using OneNote and an occasional powertoy.

  • OneNote Testing

    Image Rotator Powertoy for OneNote 2007

      Image Rotation Tool   Gary Neitzke decided to close a small functionality hole in OneNote.   It's easy to rotate ink or drawings you create, but images cannot be rotated.   Enter Gary's Image Rotation Powertoy.   This one is...
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    Merge Pages in OneNote Powertoy

    Time for another useful powertoy! This addin, written by our own Jeff Cardon, merges selected pages together. It is about as simple as it sounds: select the pages you want to merge and click the merge toolbar button. Some notes: there is a popup...
  • OneNote Testing

    Fix for ink moving and shifting bug

    (Update Sep 14): Fix is released on Window Update. (Update Sep 6): Just to bring everybody up to date - we are in the final stages of releasing this fix. I'm extremely sorry for the problems. Please stay tuned. (Update 12 July) Thanks all - we have...
  • OneNote Testing

    The text importer powertoy gets updated for OneNote 2010

    I saw a tweet a few days ago which mentioned that someone would have "no more thousands of text files" now that she was moving to OneNote. I just missed saving a copy of that tweet, but the thought reminded me of a powertoy I wrote a few years ago that...
  • OneNote Testing

    A Calendar/Planner powertoy for OneNote!

    I was reading the newsgroups again the other night and "SubSeaGuy" made this post: "I want to create a custom calendar. Rather than typing in the date on each page of which there would be 365, is there a way to import the page name. The example would...
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    Updating the Page Sorter powertoy for OneNote 2010

    Way back in 2007, Dan Escapa wrote a powertoy to alphabetize pages. He was good enough to send me the source code and after thinking about this for awhile, I finally figured out a way to get it update for OneNote 2010. Here it is (link is below my signature...
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    Template Manager Powertoy for OneNote 2007

      We're halfway through the "Week of OneNote Powertoys!"  Remember: these addins make great stocking stuffers...   Again, Jeff Cardon has created an incredibly useful addin for OneNote 2007.   His template manager lets you...
  • OneNote Testing

    Showing the full name of an attachment in OneNote

    A week or so ago in a previous entry I uploaded an image here . You can see where I used my pen to annotate the photo, and if you look at it again, you may see the odd comment about "the truncated file name."  Let me explain that comment...
  • OneNote Testing

    Updated: The OneNote Table of Contents and Sorter Powertoy

    Brad Covell took a look at the OneNote Table of Contents and Table Sorter powertoy and realized that he needed it to create a ToC page for an entire notebook. So he added that functionality. He was also kind enough to send the his changes to share...
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    Customer feedback results in another powertoy

    I'm going to go off on a tangent here. Another role OneNote testers have is that of customer advocate. We are tasked with monitoring the OneNote newsgroup , the Customer Connection site, responding to customer feedback and using all of this information...
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