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What it is like to be a tester on the Microsoft OneNote team and day to day life as an SDET in Office. Plus a few tips for using OneNote and an occasional powertoy.

  • OneNote Testing

    Image Rotator Powertoy for OneNote 2007

      Image Rotation Tool   Gary Neitzke decided to close a small functionality hole in OneNote.   It's easy to rotate ink or drawings you create, but images cannot be rotated.   Enter Gary's Image Rotation Powertoy.   This one is...
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    Updating the Page Sorter powertoy for OneNote 2010

    Way back in 2007, Dan Escapa wrote a powertoy to alphabetize pages. He was good enough to send me the source code and after thinking about this for awhile, I finally figured out a way to get it update for OneNote 2010. Here it is (link is below my signature...
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    A Calendar/Planner powertoy for OneNote!

    I was reading the newsgroups again the other night and "SubSeaGuy" made this post: "I want to create a custom calendar. Rather than typing in the date on each page of which there would be 365, is there a way to import the page name. The example would...
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    Table Sorting and Table of Contents powertoy for OneNote 2010

    Nani, who created the original Table of Contents powertoy for OneNote 2007 expanded her code to add the ability to sort tables. Here's her description, and you can get the download file by [updated as of 4-28-2011] going here: http://blogs.msdn...
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    Setting the A4 page size in OneNote

    Let's take a break from testing Equation support in OneNote 2010 to let me respond to everyone with a tip that is bubbling up. I can't really understand why, but over the past two weeks I have received a handful of emails about changing the page size...
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    Enabling the WebClient service in Windows

    Every so often I see a report that OneNote cannot sync to SkyDrive and see the user is getting error : "OneNote cannot sync changes in this notebook because WebDAV support is not enabled on your computer. (Error code: 0xE0000784)".  Pinki...
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    Template Manager Powertoy for OneNote 2007

      We're halfway through the "Week of OneNote Powertoys!"  Remember: these addins make great stocking stuffers...   Again, Jeff Cardon has created an incredibly useful addin for OneNote 2007.   His template manager lets you...
  • OneNote Testing

    I love test tools - they make testing OneNote much easier

    Earlier this week I opened up my list of bugs assigned to me and noticed I had one that was asking for more information. The details are long, arcance and, frankly boring, but the gist of the bug was some timing related problems if a user was both creating...
  • OneNote Testing

    A summary of the OneNote powertoys from the test team for 2007

    I was getting ready to post this list of the addins the OneNote Test Team worked on in the year 2007 as a nice summary of what we had done when I noticed two things: People on this alias may not be subscribed to my blog (shame!) but would want this...
  • OneNote Testing

    Updating the Sort Sections powertoy for OneNote 2010

    Dan gave me the source code for his Sort Sections powertoy for OneNote 2007 . Like all the powertoys for OneNote 2007, they will still work, but only for notebooks in 2007 format. I've seen a number of requests from folks who wanted this updated for OneNote...
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