OneNote Testing

What it is like to be a tester on the Microsoft OneNote team and day to day life as an SDET in Office. Plus a few tips for using OneNote and an occasional powertoy.

  • OneNote Testing

    Table Sum Powertoy for OneNote

    As promised, here is the first of   a week's worth of addins/powertoys for OneNote 2007.   This addin will sum the columns of a table for you and add the new row to the bottom.   It ignores non-numeric values in the column.   It's...
  • OneNote Testing

    Enabling the WebClient service in Windows

    Every so often I see a report that OneNote cannot sync to SkyDrive and see the user is getting error : "OneNote cannot sync changes in this notebook because WebDAV support is not enabled on your computer. (Error code: 0xE0000784)".  Pinki...
  • OneNote Testing

    Table of Contents powertoy!

    Note: as of Jan 5, 2009, there is a slightly updated version of this powertoy at . Sorry for not being able to update these original files...
  • OneNote Testing

    Favorites for OneNote

    Looking through the website (I have no idea who owns this site - update: looks like it hasn't been updated in awhile), I saw a request for something like IE favorites: Favorites Page with Hot-Key - Sort of like IE favorites...
  • OneNote Testing

    Calendar/Planner addin updated

    Two events came together to get me to update this powertoy. First, a reader was trying to use this with OneNote 2007 but wanted to customize the date format used. Since I just use whatever format you have defined in Windows, changing the format of the...
  • OneNote Testing

    Creating OneNote pages with just the title and no date/time stamp

    Over the weekend there was a question on the site about creating a new page that does not show the date and time by default. This person did not want to click back into the date and time text and delete it each time, but did want the...
  • OneNote Testing

    Tip for creating links to certain places on a OneNote page

    A lawyer over on the social group had an interesting question over the weekend. Here it is: I.m a trial attorney. I use onenote as an electronic trial notebook. I have a folder for each witness. I create a page for each transcript of prior testimony or...
  • OneNote Testing

    Showing the full name of an attachment in OneNote

    A week or so ago in a previous entry I uploaded an image here . You can see where I used my pen to annotate the photo, and if you look at it again, you may see the odd comment about "the truncated file name."  Let me explain that comment...
  • OneNote Testing

    A tip to color the background of text in OneNote 2013

    A request I get every so often is background colors for outlines. Essentially, people want to color code the background for different text on a page and/or use that instead of tags to visually differentiate their notes. What they want is this: Notice...
  • OneNote Testing

    Updated: The OneNote Table of Contents and Sorter Powertoy

    Brad Covell took a look at the OneNote Table of Contents and Table Sorter powertoy and realized that he needed it to create a ToC page for an entire notebook. So he added that functionality. He was also kind enough to send the his changes to share...
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