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What it is like to be a tester on the Microsoft OneNote team and day to day life as an SDET in Office. Plus a few tips for using OneNote and an occasional powertoy.

  • OneNote Testing

    Make Subpage addin updated, and a Lenovo update

    Thanks to a couple of testers (pebuaa and Joe), Jeff Cardon patched his make subpage addin to work in section groups. Update as of 3/12/2009 - the download link is at the end of this blog entry after my signature. I'm marking the next paragraph NA - winisp...
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    Powertoys from the OneNote Test Team for 2010

    Every January, I compile a list of the powertoys the test team gave out the previous year. This year, there are a few new ones (table sorting, bulk import images and remove ink from a page) for OneNote 2010 and a section color changer for OneNote 2007...
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    OneNote 2010 Linked Note Taking addin for Firefox

    I just noticed that Mao Chen, who was on the team for creating the Linked Notes feature in OneNote 2010, just posted an addin for Firefox to add linked note taking support.  Check it out at
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    Calendar templates for OneNote

    I found another blog here which showcases templates for different applications in Office. It's called (in the most straightforward naming manner I can imagine) the Template Blog and they posted some updated for year 2008 calendars at
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    Troubleshooting differences between section groups and notebooks in OneNote 2007

    One of the things that is different about OneNote is that we are a folder based editor - not an individual file based editor. A good example of a file based editor would be notepad. It works with a single text file at a time. You open the TXT file, edit...
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    Symbols and Equation Support in OneNote 2010 Tech Preview

    One of the features of Equation Support with OneNote 2010 is the ability to insert specific symbols into a math zone. Strictly speaking, these symbols are just characters in the font used by equations - Cambria Math - so you can use the characters anywhere...
  • OneNote Testing

    A tool to import texts from Project Gutenberg

    Here's the tool I wrote to import "Project Gutenberg" (link: ) texts into OneNote. The first link goes to the setup files, and the second has the code if you want to see that. Update as of April 6, 2009: the updated download...
  • OneNote Testing

    Top 5 OneNote tips, and a nice little win

    A request I get face to face is "What is a way to get more out of OneNote?" I don't think I've ever gotten this in email - must be something about the way people interact. So after a year of using it far more than I ever did before, though, I want to...
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    Media Fine Tuner Powertoy for OneNote

      For those of you who take notes while recording audio, Jeff Cardon has created a fine tuner for "moving" the start time of the notes you typed and aligning them with where in the audio you want the note to play.   For those of you...
  • OneNote Testing

    Showing the full name of an attachment in OneNote

    A week or so ago in a previous entry I uploaded an image here . You can see where I used my pen to annotate the photo, and if you look at it again, you may see the odd comment about "the truncated file name."  Let me explain that comment...
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