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Translate Spanish to English... In Microsoft Word?

Translate Spanish to English... In Microsoft Word?

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Today was the first time I realized there is a translation service in Microsoft Office Word 2003.  And now I realize that the Research Pane is what makes Office 2003 (especially with SharePoint) so very cool.

I was cleaning out old posts from SharpReader today, mostly from newly added URLs.  I saw this post from Mauricio Feijo where he laments about a referenced post not being available in English. 

I have seen Dev Bala (here is one of my favorite Dev posts without Hooters chicks in it) talk about the Research Pane in Office 2003 before, and thought I remembered him mentioning translation services.  When Word loaded up, I copied and pasted the blog entry into a Word document, chose Tools / Language / Translate, and the roughly translated text popped up in the research pane.  What's even cooler is that it guessed that I wanted to translate from Spanish to English.

In the translation provided, it replaced the references to "VS.NET" as "VERSUS .NET".  I replaced the instances of "VS.NET" with "Visual Studio .NET", but Word left the capitalization in and made it "VISUAL STUDIO .NET".  I thought... I bet Word can fix this, too.  I searched Word Help in the research pane for "proper case", and it told me to click Format / Change Case, and then I selected the "Title Case" option. 

I had tinkered with the Information Bridge Framework demos before, and never really looked into what is behind Smart Tags.  But now I think I finally see that there are some incredibly slick solutions that can be created using Word as a client.

The research pane is just freaking cool.

  • Hola!

    Si, la funcion de traduccion es muy buena!
    Yo siempre la utilizo...

    Hasta pronto!
    Saludos desde Lima, Peru
  • Indeed it is "freaking cool". In fact, I prefer the other f-word, but hey - let's keep it PC. The amusing thing about the task pane (its proper name!) is that you have to train users to NOT close it as a reflexive action when opening any Office application. They see it as being an additional list of menu options that can't *possibly* be useful... step one is convincing them to just have a look around and let their inner productivity shine ;) The only question now is as you've mentioned w/r/t the Information Bridge Framework - can Word and other Office apps thrive as smart clients? Microsoft seems to think so - in fact, we're betting our Information Worker platform on it.
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