September, 2004

  • Keith Short's Blog

    A Book for Bill

    My last posting concerned availability (or otherwise) of the Software Factory book on Amazon. We know the book has been printed, since Jack and I are now proud owners of two of the first three copies hot off the press. As I mentioned in a previous posting...
  • Keith Short's Blog

    Delay at

    I've received a large number of unpublished feedback items asking why Amazon is still showing the Software Factories book as unavailable. Apparently it is available from sites such as and and John Wiley & Sons tell us they're investigating...
  • Keith Short's Blog

    A Lot of Deadlines ...

    It’s been pretty crazy around here since I got back from vacation. Apart from the re-entry problems you expect after being away for three weeks, we ran into a problem with the publication of the Software Factories book. The manuscript was just about to...
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