Kevin W. Hammond

Developer Evangelist

October, 2003

  • Kevin W. Hammond

    Exchanging WS-Policy in Indigo

    Don mentioned in passing yesterday that the first thing we do is fetch policy from the remote service and then wire up the channel so that everything is in place to adhere to that policy. I'm surprised more folks didn't catch this. I had a chance...
  • Kevin W. Hammond

    InfoPath and D&D

    I'm currently running a 3.5E D&D game over on called The Sunless Citadel . Yes, the geek in me lives. Tonight, I decided to use InfoPath to recreate the 3.5E character sheet.  Overall, the experience has been pretty...
  • Kevin W. Hammond

    I've been remiss in blogging

    Was accused the other night of not having anything to say.  Unfortunately, I was out sick for a week and have had a number of customer meetings that have sucked up my work time (which actually means I've been working!)  Combine that with ...
  • Kevin W. Hammond

    Laying low at PDC

    I've been in Los Angeles since Friday, catching a little vacation with family prior to the PDC.  Since Monday, it's been PDC non-stop. It never ceases to amaze me how at Microsoft events - be they customer-focused (like PDC) or internal (like...
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