Best Practices Analyzer for SQL Server 2005

Best Practices Analyzer for SQL Server 2005

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I’ve seen a few posts in forums and newsgroups requesting Best Practices Analyzer support for SQL Server 2005.  Good news… we just started developing a new version that will work with SQL Server 2005!  If you aren’t familiar with this type of utility, check out Best Practices Analyzer Tool for Microsoft SQL Server 2000 1.0 or Microsoft Exchange Server Best Practices Analyzer Tool v2.5.

It is very early in the development cycle and we’d like to hear your thoughts on the following questions:

1) Is a Best Practices Analyzer tool something that you feel is important for SQL Server 2005?
2) What versions of SQL Server should this support? (SQL Server 2005 only, SQL Server 2000+)
3) What components should this support? (SQL Server Engine, Analysis Services, Reporting Services, Notification Services, Integration Services)
4) What features would you like to see in it?

I'll post the results of our plans once things become clearer.


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  • I'd like to see the command line functionality expanded. I am currently running the analyzer daily and publishing the reports via SQL reporting Services. I have launch the Analyzer to manually drop the compliance reports. I'd like to create a SQL Agent job to automate the process.
  • I'd love to see the equivalent in Analysis Services.  Is this on anyone's radar?

  • Swanie said: "I'd love to see the equivalent in Analysis Services.  Is this on anyone's radar?"

    Yes, we are working with the BI team to provide some rules for SSAS and SSIS.  This was covered in the webcast which you can view on demand at

    Paul A. Mestemaker II

    Program Manager

    Microsoft SQL Server Manageability

  • Yes, I would like to see the BPA work with 2005.

    Should support 2000, 2005, and future versions.

    Should analyze all components.

    Should be more widely publicized. I use it in my classes and find that most students don't know about it.

  • Paul,

    YES, YES, YES! :) This is something that is desperately needed as the product gets more complicated and easier for a person to inadvertently "screw up".   It's now 7 months since this was posted announcing it would be coming.   How are things going...and is there an anticipate release date?  

    Ian Ippolito

  • Do you plan to have a beta or CTP version of BPA for SS2k5?.  Joel Cabot

  • I used the SQL Server 2000 BPA a lot, and got a lot of value from it. Any update on when the 2005 version will be available?

  • I believe Microsoft should put together a best practice tool which will focus on SQL Server 2005 including all of the components.  This would be a great tool to add to the aresenal escpecially that we have now been teased with this tool from the SQL 2000 days.

  • Hi there, SQL 2005 has been here for a while now, is there any movement on the release of the Best Practices Analyser that you mentioned was "in production" ?


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  • Any word at all on this tool becoming available. A beta? A CTP? We've got months old announcements. Those of us who found the tool useful as a mechanism for cleaning up databases under development would sure like to see a new version for 2005. Anyone from MS listening to this one any more?

  • I think it should be support both SQL Server 2000 and 2005.

    As I want to enjoy the following features from the new version of Best Practices Analyzer:

    1. It should support "Customed Rule" defined by DBA. Just like FxCop.

    e.g. The current rule of user object naming could cover more areas: constraints naming standard, all objects must have a customed name instead of using a irregular name generated by SQL Server.

    If the rules can be defined by DBA, then the Best Practices Analyzer would become more flexible.

    2. It would be better if it supports .sql or .txt file types. As our office use weekly release, the DB scripts (.sql files) are centralized in a repository for each release. We would like to automate the best Practices Analyzer for reading the .sql files before each release. Reading .sql files could help us a lot on the automated process.

    Best Practices Analyzer is a great tool for database quality improvement process. I look forward to enjoying the new release features in the near future.

  • As I may interesetd in looking at the SQL query provided in a SQL Trace file only, if the Compliance Report supports filtering criteria, e.g. by database/file, it would be great!!

  • Does anyone know if the SQL 2005 Best Practices Analyzer has been lanuched yet?

  • Here it is guys!! (Ladies too!)....

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