Ken Henderson – We Will Always Remember You

Ken Henderson – We Will Always Remember You

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We are mourning the loss of Ken Henderson who passed away this Sunday evening. We don’t know any details at this time, but we will let the community know as we learn more. It was great being around Ken and feeling his passion and learning from him over the years. We will miss him.

Bill Ramos and the SQL Manageability Team

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  • Sql community has lost one of the best contributors and I am sure that for many of us a reference like no other. We will all remember him and his great job.

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  • It is very sad news and big loss to SQL Server community...

  • Very sad news. Kens were some of the first books I bought when learning SQL and they were invaluable. Great books. My sympathies to his family.

  • Ken was the best, a humble man willing to help anyone along the way. I credit much to him and his writings. Tragic loss to our community.

  • What a great lost! cann't beleive this happend.  My heartfelt condolence to family. I think sql management team should some sort of award or something for such a great person.


  • Najiskrenije saucesce porodici i prijateljima Kena Hendersona. Kene, ostajes ucitelj. Ybogom.

  • Some sad news on this blog . Ken Henderson was one of the SQL Server gurus who wrote wonderful books

  • Not much to say. I have been angry that he has not returned my emails. Sorry Ken. Ken Henderson –

  • Farewell to Ken Henderson I get to know just now that Ken Henderson passed away on late February 2008

  • I think many people are working in SQL Server product team, but I have never seen anybody like him. Indeed he was a Guru.

    God created Ken and then he created SQL Server for Ken to live  and play with it. Such an intellectual and at the same time generous to everyone around is sad to be missed....

    Let God shower more blessings and give support to Ken's family who used to love his kids so much.  Its a profound shock and disbelief for me to miss him.

  • I did not believe when somebody told me at MVP Summit  2008

    that Ken passed away.

    Ken Henderson is and will be my SQL SERVER  hero.

    His books changed my life.

    I am using his life recommendations - learn as much as can ...

    Ken will always live in our hearts and his books.

  • i read their books. he was generous man and gugu of programming and advising . we need him now. My condolences go out to his family, friends, and coworkers.

  • I'm his daughter.  He committed suicide.

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