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    Impending Doom

    My manager said to me last week, “The most important thing the c# compiler does, is not compiling the code, it is generating good error messages.” Helping you write bug free code is what we do. I was thinking about this yesterday as I sat...
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    Drug induced dreams

    So Bill's updated his character sheet. I'm not quite sure, does Knighthood count as an epic level paladin or a prestige class? I was thinking about this last night while I sat playing a game at a friends house. It's my once a week get-away from the family...
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    The parallel you

    This is my first post. This is my first weblog. It is not much of a weblog yet. You probably are not even reading this. Heck, I may not even be writing this. It's early at Microsoft. All I have to drink is a can of bubbly water. Lets hope some seeps into...
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