Free ebook: Introducing Windows 8: An Overview for IT Professionals (Final Edition)

Free ebook: Introducing Windows 8: An Overview for IT Professionals (Final Edition)

imageWe’re happy to announce that we have released the final version of this free ebook.


PDF Introducing Windows 8- An Overview for IT Professionals - PDF ebook
Mobi Introducing Windows 8-An Overview for IT Professionals – Mobi format for Kindle
ePub Introducing Windows 8-An Overview for IT Professionals – ePub format


Is this book for you?

Get a headstart evaluating Window 8—guided by a Windows expert who’s worked extensively with the software since the preview releases. Based on final, release-to-manufacturing (RTM) software, this book introduces new features and capabilities, with scenario-based insights demonstrating how to plan for, implement, and maintain Windows 8 in an enterprise environment. Get the high-level information you need to begin preparing your deployment now.

Topics include:

• Performance, reliability, and security features

• Deployment options

• Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit

• Windows PowerShell™ 3.0 and Group Policy

• Managing and sideloading apps

• Internet Explorer® 10

• Virtualization, Client Hyper-V, and Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack

• Recovery features

  • Great os for the cost and wonderful advancements since the beginning of time

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  • The book looks good, thanks for the free resource :)

  • Thank you I love to read all the MS press books. More knowledge more power!!

  • Just downloaded it. Contents are really helpful :)

  • I am very happy to read this book. It is very help ful for me to get better information about the topic. thank u very much for publishing this book.

  • Thanks for this ebook. Really helpful!

  • This is great - now how do I read it on my Surface with the Kindle App?

  • There is another free reader for Windows phone 7.5 and Windows 8: Freda. It allows you to read any book you put onto Skydrive. I have used this and it works great.

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    ali alshmrine   thnk you  for geev thes bogram  and thes work good gaop mecrosft

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