It has been awhile since I've done much Web development.  My technical focus for the last few years has been on Web services, which certainly qualifies as Web development, but is only a part of the mix.

So I've been given the task of a) coming up to speed on the information we have already on Web development, and b) understanding the needs for more information.

At the moment my primary focus is the ASP.NET developer center on MSDN, but one of the other channels for information is of course  Beyond that, there is also for information on IIS, IIS extensibility, IIS 7 and so forth.  It is interesting to note that gets about 5 to 10x the traffic of the ASP.NET dev center although we have different reporting mechanisms and it isn't quite an apples to apples comparison. is obviously a place where the latest technologies can be hosted and played with whereas MSDN has to be more of a location for library content, product documentation and general news.  I believe as I continue in the role that I'm in, that the lines between these two sites will blur quite a bit.  There is already a fair amount of cross linking, but I imagine there will be even more in the future.