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April, 2007

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    Building projects in parallel

    Greetings MSBuilders! Orcas MSBuild introduces a new feature allowing build authors to build projects in parallel. To enable this feature we have introduced a new parameter to the MSBuild task called “BuildInParallel” and a new command line parameter...
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    Caching Behaviour in Orcas msbuild

    Greetings MSBuilders! Orcas MSBuild introduces a new parameter for the CallTarget and MSBuild task called “UseResultsCache”. Enabling this feature allows the MSBuild engine to cache the built target results like the outputs attribute from the target...
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    Node Reuse in MultiProc MSBuild

    Greetings MSBuilders! With the MultiProc support in MSBuild Orcas (now available in Visual Studio Orcas Beta 1), we’ve added the ability to reuse the MSBuild child nodes between builds. When you’re doing multiple builds in a row, this helps reduce...
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    Recursion, and ItemGroups inside Targets

    Greetings MSBuilders! An internal team (Office Live, I think) asked us how to make their build start up faster. Their traversal project at the root of their tree started like this: <Project xmlns="
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    Window tab management in Visual Studio

    Greetings MSBuilders! The way in which Visual Studio inserts and drops document tabs arouses passions in some people - myself included. So much so that I’m going to post about it, even though it doesn’t have anything to do with MSBuild! Currently...
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    New Reference Assemblies Location

    Those of you who've been using the 3.0 Framework may have noticed a folder under Program Files called "Reference Assemblies". This folder contains those assemblies that ship with the 3.0 Framework which are useful for referencing during the design and...
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