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May, 2012

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    Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 Beta Released for Partners


    It’s been two busy months since we first announced Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 and a planned May beta release at Convergence 2012. We’re thrilled to announce that the beta release is now available for partners! This is an important milestone for us as the beta enables a broad set of our partners to try out the product, prepare to engage with prospects, and help our existing customers get ready for the final version. This beta release is also significant because Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 will be the first Microsoft Dynamics ERP solution for Windows Azure giving customers the choice to move to the cloud on their own terms.

    Last month we also participated in Directions EMEA 2012, an event organized by Microsoft Dynamics NAV partners, which saw an attendance of more than 930 delegates, all there to learn about the coming release. Feedback from this group was extremely positive as they saw the possibility and opportunities enabled by Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013. As one partner noted “Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 is the best of many great new releases I’ve seen over the last 15 years.”

    Designed to meet the specific needs of small and mid-market businesses, Microsoft Dynamics NAV changes the way our customers can approach business management solutions. When most current ERP systems were designed, SMB’s had dedicated people engaged in every aspect of their business, managing various work streams, whether it was part of their core business or not. In today’s business environment, with the renewed focus on optimizing operations, controlling costs, etc., many SMB’s have outsourced some part of their business such as manufacturing, warehousing, logistics, finance and administration and are now partnering with specialists to support  some aspects of their business—all in an effort to focus on their core competencies.

    As business models change SMB’s need their business solutions to support them. We’re committed to ensuring that ours do. Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 is a significant step forward in this regard as it combines business process, communications and collaboration capabilities to dramatically change the extent to which business applications support SMB business operations.

    Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 substantially advances our ability to help our customers become dynamic businesses – to secure greater control, increase margins and drive growth.

    Our partners can download and learn more about Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 here as well as visit the Partner Launch Portal for more information and resources. Customers and prospects, who want to check out Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013,
    should connect with their local Microsoft Dynamics NAV partner.

    Now we begin the best part of the journey - from beta to general availability.


    Paul White

    Senior Director – Microsoft Dynamics ERP Product Management

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    NAV Customer Case Study: Major Airport Combines Financial and Retail Management, Empowers Employee Productivity


    When the second-largest airport in Denmark wanted to tie together financial and retail management under a single solution it chose to do so with Microsoft Dynamics NAV extended with LS Retail NAV. Says Jan Hessellund, Retail Manager for Billund Airport, “Not only would Microsoft Dynamics NAV ease integration with our shopping partner’s ERP system, but it was also already well known to many of our accounting team members and was a well-proven solution in Denmark, making it a great fit for our business.” 

    Now with the solution in place, Billund Airport has significantly improved business insight, increased shopping revenue by 10 percent,  and found the Microsoft Dynamics RoleTailored interface to help in delivering a rapid payback. Says Hessellund, “In our shopping operation, the payback period for Microsoft Dynamics NAV with the RoleTailored interface was less than one year. The solution fits very closely to people’s functions, which makes our work extremely efficient.”

    Read the full story:

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    How to collect environment info for Dynamics NAV client using PowerShell


    Following Lars script for 3-tier troubleshooting, I've created my own script which collects info from PC where Dynamics NAV clients are installed. This info could be used for further investigations and potential problems findings.

    What does script do?
    In current folder (where from script was started) is created subfolder 'Results'. If 'Results' folder already exists, then it will be renamed to 'OldResults'.
    Result folder includes text formated files:
    • CCevents.txt - includes last 100 events from event logs which includes 'finsql'. This can be used to analyze what events were raised by 'finsql.exe'.
    • RTCevents.txt. - includes last 100 events from event logs which includes 'Dynamics'. This can be used to analyze what event was raised by "Dynamics".
    • CodePages.txt - includes code page numbers from registry: ACP (active code page); OEMCP (OEM code page). And shows does these numbers point to correct nls. This could be used to troubleshoot issues with regional settings
    • OSDeatails.txt - includes all information about operating system. Just to be clear what OS, what version is installed, memory setup is isntalled.
    • Printers.txt - includes all installed printers. Some times it could show potential problems in printing process.
    • InstalledApp.txt - includes all applications and versions installed on current pc. Taken from winregistry. This could get ideas about what installed apps are not acceptable together with NAV.
    • FilesVersions.txt - this file is created if there is Dynamics NAV client installed. Script search for specific windows registry entry which points to Dynamics NAV folder. Folder name depends on is OS 32-bit or 64-bit. If NAV folder found then 'FileVersions.txt' includes all exe and dll information. This could be used to check does all Dynamics NAV components match the same version. If NAV is not installed then FilesVersion.txt is not created - it means we found problem :)
    • diagLog.txt - includes information about what steps and when have been executed. Just to know which part got error if it occurs.

    Script is attached here. But also can be found at Technet Scriptcenter.

    How to run script?

    Script requires permissions to run, so you need:

    1. Save Script somewhere on local disk.
    2. Open PowerShell console "as Administrator"
    3. Run "Set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted"
    4. Go to saved script  'cd C:\Temp\'
    5. Run script like 'NAV_Client_Diag.ps1'
    6. Close PowerShell console.
    7. Check files in subfolder 'Results'.


    Any comments/suggestions/error reports are welcome.

    These postings are provided "AS IS" with no warranties and confer no rights. You assume all risk for your use.

    Gedas Busniauskas

    Microsoft Lithuania

    Microsoft Customer Service and Support (CSS) EMEA

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    Document Management – New Version of Zetadocs Express for Microsoft Dynamics NAV is Available for Download


    A new version of Zetadocs Express for Microsoft Dynamics NAV is available for download.

    In response to requests from partners and customers, Zetadocs Express now integrates with SharePoint 2010, as well as Office 365’s SharePoint Online. Zetadocs Express allows users to drag & drop files and emails onto records in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, storing copies in SharePoint with links back. Documents such as invoices can be emailed directly from Microsoft Dynamics NAV and automatically stored in SharePoint.

    This new release offers greater flexibility, scalability and choice:

    • On-premise or in the Cloud 
           Zetadocs Express now includes full support of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010, SharePoint Foundation 2010 and SharePoint Online, allowing users to choose between on-premise SharePoint server or Office 365 in the Cloud for document archiving and retrieval at any time, from anywhere.
    • Save and Send any report 
           The “Save and Send” feature has been expanded to enable almost any customized Microsoft Dynamics NAV report using SQL Server Reporting  Services to be emailed, archiving a copy automatically in SharePoint.
    • Huge document archives 
           A new day-based file plan in SharePoint handles the archiving of thousands of documents per day for well over a decade before there’s any requirement to move out older documents.

    Partners can download Zetadocs Express and include document management in their demonstrations of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Customers on a Business Readiness Enhancement Plan should talk to their partners to get this installed in order to take advantage of document management capabilities integrated into Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

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