Besides writing and publishing technical content about PowerPoint to Microsoft Office Online, in my spare time, Joy Miller is the mother of twin, ten year-old boys.

My boys are in an accelerated 4th, 5th, and 6th grade classroom. The proud parent that I am, I like to brag that my kids were accepted into this esteemed classroom only after taking and passing an aptitude entrance exam.

In their classroom, the students spend time on all the usual subjects — math, literature, reading, etc. — but they also spend time working on Future Problem Solvers. Topics that they are analyzing this year include Olympic Games, Cyber Conflict, Space Junk, Counterfeit Economy, and Pandemic.

The computer software resources in their classroom include Microsoft Office Word and PowerPoint. The students use Word to compose essays about books they’ve read and other assignments related to Future Problem Solvers. They also use PowerPoint to present subject matter-related facts, problems, and solutions — both in the classroom and also at Future Problem Solvers’ national competitions. And, at the end of each day, a student is assigned to research and document a historical event for the following day in a single slide in PowerPoint. The following day, the class acknowledges and celebrates the historical event by viewing the gathered information in PowerPoint. The students say that there's something to celebrate every day.

The classroom recently upgraded to Office 2007. With the new look and design of the software, I took it upon myself to meet with the class to present an overview and demonstrate the difference between PowerPoint 2003 and PowerPoint 2007. I covered how to navigate the new user interface, I showed off some of the cool new features and benefits that PowerPoint 2007 offers, and I showed some of the basics of creating an interesting presentation, without overdoing it.

If you want to teach a grade school audience how to use PowerPoint 2007, I recommend that you download and use the presentation template I created entitled: Teach grade school students how to use PowerPoint 2007. The template summarizes the new user interface and includes populated notes pages. Both the template and the resources that I list below should help people who have never used PowerPoint, and also those who have used earlier versions of PowerPoint, to come up to speed with PowerPoint 2007.

The following is a list of FREE resources that you can use in your training, or you can point your students to review them individually: