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    HTML5 Web Camp in LA

    The HTML5 Web Camp in LA was clearly the best one yet.  Hats off to all the volunteers and the attendees for being very prepared for the event. 

    The event was very interactive, and many questions were regarding browser concerns.  There were a few questions regarding the future of development, and we did show a video regarding Windows 8.

    The demo code featured during my presentations can be downloaded below:

    [ HTML5 & CSS3 demo files ]

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    Tech Travel Tips: Outlets To Go

    monster-outlet-to-goWhen I travel, the hotel rooms are usually lacking with regard to a sufficient number of power outlets.  I typically travel with at least two notebook computers, two phones, an iPad, and a video camera.  So it goes without saying I need as many open outlets as possible.  I once travelled with a typical surge protector, but that was very clunky.

    I am very happy I found the Monster OTG300 USB EFS.  Here are my reasons I highly recommend this product:

    • Very compact, cord wraps-and-snaps in conveniently
    • The the external plug at end of cord is small, so if fits in “snug” situations
    • The three extended outlets are far apart from one another, so bulky power adapters are not overlapping an available outlet
    • A power USB is available that accommodates phones and iPads
    • Can be found for purchase for just over $10

    If you are a geek and travel is something you do often, this is one item you will be grateful you packed!

    Don’t miss out on the previous tech travel tip.   

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    Windows 8 Interview Caught On Video

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    Tech Travel Tips: Mini Laptop Cooling Fan

    mini-laptop-cooling-fanWhen a product works better than hoped for, it deserves praise.  With my heavy travel burden, I want to pack as little as possible to get from point A to B.  I have some nice cooling fans for my notebooks in my home office, but they are too clunky to pack and use external power supplies.

    I HIGHLY recommend the KINYO|ArtDio Mini Laptop Cooling Fan (CF-201)!  Here are my top reasons for this being such a great accessory when travelling:

    1. Compact when folded, fits in most “pockets” of a computer bag
    2. When unfolded, sturdy foundation for small or large notebook computers
    3. USB powered without sacrificing a USB port (daisy-chain)
    4. Dual fans work great and are virtually silent
    5. Available for purchase for less than $9

    If you are a tech traveller, this product is a must-have!!!  If you have a product you can’t travel without, please leave a comment and let me know!

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    What is the SSS in HTML5?

    html5This will be the first of a series of blog posts to help someone new to HTML5 development.  The first item to address is:  What is meant by the term HTML5?  I like to think of it as “Triple S” or SSS.

    • Source
    • Style
    • Script

    Source refers to the HTML markup itself, the tags.

    Style refers to the inline styles and/or modules from CSS3.

    Script refers to the development aspect of HTML5 with Javascript.

    For an introduction to these terms in slightly more detail, please read the first article I co-authored with Daniel Egan.

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    Microsoft Training Courses at Pluralsight

    I am thrilled to announce that I have authored a training course available at Pluralsight which is targeted for developers who are just beginning web development using the Microsoft web platform.  Although it is a beginner’s course, it is designed to bring a current web developer not familiar with Microsoft up to speed with the latest terms, tools, and technologies. 

    The course provides a comparison of the same demo using Web Application Projects, Web Sites, Web Pages, and MVC.  It also showcases Visual Studio 2010 and WebMatrix.

    So if you are relatively new to web development using Microsoft technologies, take a look at “The Beginner’s Guide to the Microsoft Web Platform” at Pluralsight today!  And if you can make the time for it, I would value your feedback.

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    DevProConnections–HTML5 Series

    I am excited to announce that the in-depth HTML5 series of articles that Daniel Egan and I are co-authoring made it’s first article debut!


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    Office Hours

    officehoursCome join me for a casual conversation at my  next “Office Hours” event.

    What is Office Hours?  This is an opportunity to meet with a Microsoft Developer Evangelist to discuss topics on your mind.  That’s right, you own the agenda.  Typically located at a coffee shop, Office Hours provides a neutral location to speak freely and ask questions that are easier to do on a one-on-one basis.  I hope you can join me for a chat over coffee at my next Office Hours event!

    Upcoming Office Hours

    Phoenix, AZ : Wednesday July 13th, 1pm – 3pm, Starbucks at Park Central Mall

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    PowerPoint Crashes When Typing in Windows 7 BootCamp

    If you have searched the internet looking for a reason why PowerPoint crashes when you start typing anything, and you happen to be running in Windows 7 via BootCamp on the Mac, the fix is simple:

    In Control Panel, click on “Change keyboards or other input methods”:


    In the Region and Language dialog box, click on the Change keyboards… button:


    Finally, add the English US Keyboard by pressing the Add button:


    That’s it!  Seems odd, but it works!

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    Web Camp HTML5 – Irvine, CA

    webcampsHere are the resources for the Web Camp HTML5 in Irvine, CA:

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