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    DevRadio: “Sheep in Space” Game


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    Michael Palermo welcomes ASU student Laura Gagliano, creator of “Sheep in Space” for Windows Phone as they discuss how Laura built her app using GameMaker: Studio as well as shares her story and experiences building her first game. Tune in as they chat about some tips and tricks for first time game developers and how you can get free access to development tools from Microsoft by joining BizSpark.

    Check out “Sheep in Space” for Windows Phone!

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    DevRadio: Project Spark


    Michael Palermo welcomes  Henry Sterchi and Mike Lescault as they discuss Project Spark. Tune in and check out one of the coolest “game maker” video game platforms available today and learn how you can get involved making, creating and playing your own Project Spark inspired games or movies on Windows 8.1 and Xbox One.

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    • [2:00] Who is the target audience for Project Spark?
    • [4:00] What type of games are available to play on Project Spark?
    • [11:40] How does Project Spark compare to Unity or other game maker platforms?
    • [17:01]  Is there a monetization feature to Project Spark? If not, are the plans for that in the future?
    • [23:50]  What is “Spark Power”?
    • [26:36]  I noticed all of the cool gaming assets available to use when creating games – who makes those?
    • [30:04] How do you see Project Spark evolving in the future?
    • [34:45] What are the supported platforms for Project Spark?
    • [36:26] Can you play and create in a multi-player format?
    • [37:43] How do I get involved with Project Spark?
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    DevRadio: Using Xamarin to Create Your Apps


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    Michael Palermo welcomes Mike Bluestein to today’s show as they discuss how you can easily create cross-platform apps in C# with the help of Xamarin. Tune in as they discuss the benefits to using Xamarin as well as how you get started today.
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    DevRadio: Project Sienna (Part One)


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    Michael Palermo invites Christine Matheney to share how fast an app can be created for the Windows Store using an app already in the store - Project Sienna!
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    EventDay Knows Events!


    imageRecently I asked community leader Scott Cate if he could set up a registration system for an upcoming event.  While we were talking on the phone, he had the entire registration up and running.  That is impressive, but even better was my experience when I registered myself as an attendee.  It wasn’t so much the actual registration process of entering my information, it was what happened after I registered online.

    A few moments after I registered, I received an email confirmation for the event as most systems do. I also received a test message notification as follows:


    I clicked on the link provided, and this is what was shown:


    Since the red arrow was so obvious, I selected pin to start from the option menu.  It put the QR code right on my phone:


    What is so cool about this?  When anyone shows for the event to check in, all he or she must do is turn the phone on and present the QR code to be scanned.  Check in complete, no printing, no searching all over for that email…  Nice!

    Hats off to the innovative team at EventDay!

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    2013 Nov 6-7 Microsoft Summit Romania


    imageI am speaking and networking with the attendees at the Microsoft Summit 2013 in Bucharest, Romania.  The two day conference begins on November 6th and takes place at the WIllbrook Platinum Business & Convention Center.

    I am excited to deliver a keynote session on “The New Era of Devices and Applications” on day one!


    I especially look forward to meeting the developers at this event.  If you are attending, please say hello and let me know what you are working on!

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    Surface RT Review


    Surface RT - Why Loved


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    2013 Oct 23 Game On


    imageJoin me for this FREE, hands-on event and learn how to build a Windows 8.1 and/or Windows Phone game in record time. This event covers what you need to get started with the development and publishing of your very own video game. Different game engines will be reviewed so you will have a choice as to the tools you need to start building. The event covers how to properly plan, acquire assets, and monetization strategies to help increase the success of your game.

    In one jam-packed day of learning and doing, you will be able to turn your idea into reality.  So get your GAME ON!

    • Where? Microsoft office in Tempe, AZ
    • Who should come? Students, first-time developers, or seasoned pros. Everyone is welcome!
    • What should I bring? Bring your own Windows 8 PC with Visual Studio installed
    • When?  Wednesday October 23rd 2013, 9:00 AM-4:30 PM


    NOTE:  No food will be provided, and parking fees are the responsibility of the attendee.

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    Bring Your Ideas to Life!


    imageDo you have an idea so brilliant, it keeps you up at night? Developers & startups, BizSpark can help.  The Microsoft® BizSpark® program is free and helps your software development ideas come to life. You will have access to software development tools, be provided connections with key industry players, and gain marketing visibility. The program also includes access to Windows Azure, a powerful cloud platform for the creation of web applications and services. As a BizSpark member, you can also get a one-time, 12-month developer account to the Windows Phone Dev Center, and more. 

    Join BizSpark today!

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    Power Window Repair


    I recently rolled down the driver-side window of my truck… and it would not come back up.  After trying repeatedly to get it to work again (failing each time), I started thinking “What is the bill going to be for this nuisance?”

    I asked some of my friends in the Phoenix area if they ever had this type of problem with the power window no longer working.  Those who replied also shared the sticker shock of the repair price – anywhere from $300 to $700.

    Determined not to spend that much, I binged ‘power window repair’ and started researching.  I was intrigued by the following:


    Only $99 for the repair?  Seemed too good to be true.  I looked up the Power Window Repair on Yelp and read the reviews. Because the reviews were great and recent, I called the company.  I got a voicemail and left my contact information.  Within a couple hours I got a call back from a nice lady who asked me details about my situation.  She quoted me a price on the phone ($129 all taxes included) to repair my window.  We made an appointment for the next day.  The repair would be done at my location.

    Paul arrived on time and had my window fixed in under 30 minutes!  With no surprises with the repair bill, I gladly paid the $129!

    What is the point of this story?  It demonstrated a true “win-win” for all parties.  From an internet perspective, it reminded me of these things:

    • Research a repair on the internet, even if your friends have a connection for you.  Why not compare and validate?
    • When researching a company, strive to get a 3rd party opinion. When reading reviews, be cognizant of the dates.  Recent reviews weight higher than older reviews.
    • If you offer a service, how would you fare with the above?  Would potential customers find you?  What do your reviews look like?

    In closing, I want to thank Power Window Repair for such great service!  If you live in the greater Phoenix area and ever have a problem with your power window, this is the company to contact!

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