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    2013 Aug 24 Phoenix Mobile Festival


    I will be speaking at the Phoenix Mobile Festival on Saturday August 24th at the University of Phoenix.  My session is: “Developing Apps for Microsoft Devices”  Hope to see you there!

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    Port Your App!


    SNAGHTML11f8f5bIf you are an iOS or Android developer with an app in your respective market, why not expand your audience to consumers with devices running Windows 8?  To help with the process, Microsoft has provided a special learning track just for you!  Get tips for the following:

    • Getting started with development for the Windows Store using your Mac
    • Obtaining free developer tools
    • How to acquire a developer license
    • Specific resources for iOS and Android developers
    • Design guidelines
    • Design assets
    • Access to experts
    • Promotional opportunities


    Share your app with more in the world!  Start now with step one…

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    Feelings About Windows 8?

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    The HTML5 Jump Start Story

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    2013 Jun 13 Windows 8 App Factor


    Windows8AppFactorBlogBadge150x150The Windows 8 App Factor comes to Tempe, AZ on Thursday, June 13th, 2013. This event is a fun day of “training and auditions” where you will learn what you need to know to take your skills and ideas into a new economy.

    • Form a team where you can use your skills and compete to win
    • Learn how to build an app from idea to store submission
    • Start from scratch or use a beautiful sample to get started
    • Free consulting from the local evangelist team (in person or online)

    This event will fill up quickly, so register right away!

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    2013 May 2 Future Insights Live


    The Future Insights Live conference is featuring “Hands-on Labs”  I have the privilege of leading one of these sessions – Developing Windows Store Apps with HTML5! 


    Post event resources will be posted here Smile

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    The Kevin Ashley Interview


    Watch my interview with Kevin Ashley on how he made over $100K with his card game app in the Windows Store.  Find out how he answers the following questions:

    • How much have you made so far?
    • Did Microsoft pay you to do this?
    • What contributed to your success?
    • Any tips for improving app revenue?
    • Did you have an unfair advantage due to working for Microsoft?
    • What do YOU think makes a great app?
    • Will you leave Microsoft?


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    2013 Mar 2 Reno Hackathon


    imageEvent Details

    DeLaMare Library

    24 hour app dev contest!


    Award Developer(s) App
    1st Place Team: Deep Games Sticky Situation
    2nd Place Team: AllStream All Stream
    3rd Place Team: Daniel Z Type Shooter
    1st App Submitted Jesse Anderson Face Memory
    More awards and apps to be announced soon!

    Television News Coverage



    [Applications to be announced!]

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    2013 Feb 28 70-482 HTML5 App Jump Start



    Advanced Windows Store App Development with HTML5 Jump Start

    Looking to create Windows 8 apps? This fast-paced Jump Start dives deeper into the advanced programming skills and techniques required to optimize Windows Store apps, so that your apps can stand out from others in the Windows Store. We’ll combine both design and development skills, and you’ll learn about supporting the apps you’ve published to the Windows Store.
    This course is the next step for those of you who have enjoyed our Developing Windows 8 Apps with HTML, CSS & JavaScript and Developing Windows Store Apps with HTML5 Jump Starts where we introduced you to developing apps in the Windows 8 platform. This course also provides accelerated preparation for Exam 70-482: Advanced Windows Store App Development using HTML5 and JavaScript.     
    Videos now available on Channel 9!!!    

    Module 1 - Background Tasks and Components
    Create background tasks
    Consume background tasks
    Integrate WinMD components into a solution
    Module 2 - Hardware and Sensors
    Capture media with the camera and microphone
    Get data from sensors
    Enumerate and discover device capabilities
    Module 3 - Printing and PlayTo
    Implement printing by using contracts and charms
    Implement Play To by using contracts and charms
    Notify users by using Windows Push Notification Service (WNS)
    Module 4 - Animations, Custom Controls, and Globalization
    Design for and implement UI responsiveness
    Implement animations and transitions
    Create custom controls
    Design apps for globalization and localization
    Module 5 - Data, Files, and Encryption
    Design and implement data caching
    Save and retrieve files from the file system
    Secure application data
    Module 6 - Deployment
    Design and implement trial functionality in an app
    Design for error handling
    Design and implement a test strategy
    Design a diagnostics and monitoring strategy

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