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Technical Support from the Inside

April, 2011

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    The mailbox that was requested doesn't support the specified RequestServerVersion

    There’s not much information on this error around so I figured I’d blog about it in the hope it might help someone in the future who may come across the same error and one possible answer that may help. Scenario: A customer raised...
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    Setting rights permissions on folders

    Customer Scenario: Customer called and required the ability to set rights permissions on folders and subfolders in their mailboxes using outlook. Unfortunatly this cannot be done using the outlook object model so you would need to use exchange web...
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    Outlook logging...

    We're always seeing customers call in developer support on problems related to their addins often being intermittently soft-disabled. If you're running Outlook 2007, here is one way to log whats happening inside outlook to aid in your troubleshooting...
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    Bulk outlook contact edit

    A common scenario: I had a request from customer who’s company has just changed names, and they would like to find out if he can edit the ‘Company’ field in his contacts on bulk to reflect the name change. How can this be...
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