Looking for your Feedback

Looking for your Feedback

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The great folks that provide documentation and guidance for Windows Server are looking for your feedback!

First off, there’s a survey: http://vp-nri.com/take?i=162411&h=u7DzLZkqQEbm6e5zylI38A – primarily about PowerShell. This should take about ten minutes, and will help us better understand the issues you face every day. Whether you are into PowerShell as an IT Professional or, into it as a Power Tool – any information you can provide helps.

Second, there’s the International Customer Advisory Board.

Microsoft is building a worldwide community of IT Pros who want to share their frank opinions about our products (primarily Windows Server, Microsoft System Center, and Microsoft Forefront). We call it the International Customer Advisory Board (ICAB), and by the end of this year, we will be 1000 IT Pros strong.

Want to tell Microsoft what you think about troubleshooting our products? The Microsoft Server & Cloud International Customer Advisory Board wants to hear it. Share your opinions and help shape tomorrow’s Windows Server and System Center guidance. See http://msicab.com for more information and mail icabnom@microsoft.com to join.

Lee Holmes [MSFT]
Windows PowerShell Development

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  • How can i become a part of the International Customer Advisory Board

  • @habs,

    The information is in the last paragraph: "mail icabnom@microsoft.com to join".

  • What I think is really missing is a central PowerShell modules repository and improved dependency management. I'm used to quite powerful tools such as Maven in the Java world and am quite disappointed by what PowerShell has to offer.

    This would help the community and promote code reuse and overall best practices.

  • Have a look at the central PowerShell repository that is build into Utopia Power Manager! Scripts are managed on the central server and the clients execute the scripts based on a schedule or at the administrator’s request!

    For more info see: www.windows-power-manager.com

    It is intended for enterprise PC Power Management but clearly a very useful features for networks admins etc...

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