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September, 2010

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    Creating Scrollable TextBlock for WP7.

    There could be many scenarios when you'd need to be able to dipslay a text in your WP7 application which doesn't fit on the screen. The easiest way to approach to solve this would be to utilize the ScrollViewer control as a host for a TextBlock. Something...
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    Implementing Picker Box functionality on WP7.

    Last time I talked about the missing Combobox control in the Windows Phone 7 platform and the ways it could be replaced if you require similar functionality. Among the replacements I mentioned the Picker Box functionality. Today I am going to show you...
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    Creating Progress Dialog for WP7.

    When creating Windows Phone 7 applications we'll inevitably encounter the situation when a certain procedure takes some time to complete. In this cases it's a good practice to show a progress indicator to the user. The UI Design and Interaction Guide...
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    Update to List Picker Control

    I've made a few updates to the original code for the List picker control that I described here . When creating this control I made a mistake of relying on LayoutUpdated event to make calls to ScrollIntoView when animation is chaning the control's size...
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    Do we need ComboBox on WP7?

    I've seen recently quite a few requiests from the developers externally and internally asking about the ComboBox control for Windows Phone 7 applications. The answer has been that the ComboBox control is not a part of the platform, however if you want...
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    Customizing Picker Box dialog.

    Today I am going to show you how you can customize the Picker Box dialog to display a color picking dialog similar to the one that you see in the Settings\theme applet in the emulator instead of just a list of strings: In order to be able to...
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    Update to the Picker Box control.

    Last time I showed you how you could create the Picker Box functionality in your Windows Phone 7 applications. There're a few updates that I had to make in order to match Picker Box's behavior to it snative counterpart. First of all you will probably...
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    Update to the Progress Dialog.

    I've made some refactoring to the Progress Dialog code: First of all I changed the name. Now it's ProgressIndicator. Second, this class is now a custom control derived from ContentControl . And last, I twicked the styles and the code so it matches...
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    Windows Phone Training Kit has been updated.

    The Windows Phone Training Kit has been updated with the RTM bits. It's gotten even bigger with 5 new labs: Using Silverlight Map Control and Bing Services Building Silverlight Applications Using Panorama and Pivot Controls Catapult Wars...
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    Windows Phone Developer Tools RTM'ed!

    The WPDT has gone gold and available for download: Windows Phone Developer Tools The tools include the Panorama, Pivot and Bing Map control. Also the team has released the Silverlight for Windows Phone Toolkit which includes the controls and...
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