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This blog focuses on customizations and programming for Project Web App, Project Server, Project Professional and Project Standard. Includes User Interface (UI) customizations, Project Server Interface (PSI) and Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) Programming. It also covers Business Intelligence.

July, 2009

  • Project Programmability and Business Intelligence

    Project and Portfolio Management (PPM/EPM) VPC v4 – based on Project 2007


    Hi there! Just released the next version of the VPC based on Project 2007. It also includes Visual Studio 2008!


    • New SSRS reports to showcase the upcoming report pack (will be announced later in August)
    • SP2 and April Cumulative Update for Project, Project Server, WSS, and SharePoint Server
    • Usage must adhere to EULA terms: “…You may use the software in the virtual hard disk image only to demonstrate and internally evaluate it.  You may not use the software in a live operating environment…
    • Recommended HW configuration is 2 GB RAM (available for the VPC) and performance Hard Drive

    Hosted Version

    VPC and script are accessible as hosted TechNet Virtual Lab

    Image download

    Please email for download links.


    • Q: Where is the demo script?
      • A: It’s part of the compressed archive. Alternatively you can use the original v2 demo script.
    • Q: Is the SP2 for Project Portfolio Server 2007 installed in this VPC final?
      • A: Project Portfolio Server (PPS) SP2 installed in this VPC v4 is not the version of officially released SP2 for PPS, but on parity feature-wise.
    • Q: Why is the http://epm2007demo URL not in the IE’s Trusted sites anymore?
      • A: Feel free to add the server URL into the IE Trusted sites list, especially if you are demoing the “out-of-the-box” reporting capabilities of Project Server that are using the Office Web Components. Else we discourage you to  do so as you might get prompted for credentials on every time you try to access any sub-site in the http://epm2007demo location.
    • Q: Where can I learn more about Project 2010?



  • Project Programmability and Business Intelligence

    Sneak peak into 2010 (updated)


    Microsoft Project 2010 Technical Preview
    Project 2010 Investment Areas

    You might be interested in the following links as well:

    SharePoint 2010 Technical Preview
    Microsoft Office 2010 Technical Preview

  • Project Programmability and Business Intelligence

    VPC v4 behind the scenes – the release process


    You may have read the recent post on the VPC v4 announcement.

    Wanted to give you a small glimpse behind the scenes. This update was fully done on Windows 7 RC in the Virtual PC for Windows 7. I also was testing new SSD OCZ Vertex. In practice the SSD gives you approx half time for boot and application launches and at least 3-times as fast “warm-up” script execution. But it’s also very good for compacting the image and merging “undo” disks. So this was very handy. Christophe did a blog post on various benchmarks using Samsung SSD (DELL ships them as OEM) with very similar results. The only thing to keep in mind while using SSD is not to limit the bandwidth by the connection to the computer – SATA or eSATA are perfect solutions. USB 2.0 is not sufficient. USB on my desktop (DELL Optiplex 755) gives the “theoretical” limit of 60MB/s but on the laptop (DELL E6500) it’s just about a half – have not gone to the bottom of this…

    The SSD *may* compensate for lack of RAM on your PC for running Virtual Images – e.g. you have multiple images DC and APP server –or- you have a very greedy image to run on one 4GB Laptop. Try this option before saying – I can’t I need to get 8GB Laptop. It really works. :)

    Another nice feature on Windows 7 I used was the ability to mount and edit VHD files. The task was to increase the size of the primary partition in the VHD. The solution is easy – mount it in Win7 using Disk Management and then “Extend Volume…”. Cool :) I also used another VHD for data exchange – I have created this VHD in Win7, mounted it, uploaded all necessary files (including new EULA :)), then dismounted and added this “helper VHD” as HardDrive 2 in the VPC. You may argue why not to use “Virtual Machine Additions”? Good point – the goal was to have a minimal impact on the state of the VPC (if it works – don’t touch it) and the installed additions did not work with the version of the VirtualPC I was using. I could have grabbed the required files from a network share – yeah but all the work with network credentials…

    There’s also an option to convert this image to Hyper-v. For this purpose I have added “Loopback Network Adapter” that always sits in the image and has the right internal address and all services start no matter what happens outside. So if you wan to run this in Hyper-v just remove the “Virtual Machine additions” and install “Hyper-v Integration Services” and you are good to go! Christophe did a blog post on this as well.

  • Project Programmability and Business Intelligence

    Project Conference 2009 Announcements


    Session Content Announced!

    Offering 75+ sessions for Project Conference 2009 – view all session details including speakers, titles and abstracts here. Stay tuned for more details on instructor led and hands on labs, “ask the experts” and additional networking opportunities.

    Special Registration Offer

    No other conference will come close to delivering the quantity and quality of content and experiences found at Project Conference 2009, nor the number of value added benefits and offers that will resonate throughout the year. We’re delighted to announce:

    · Receive a free licensed copy of Project Professional 2010! The offer is extended to all registered attendees by PMPI, a Microsoft Certified Partner in the EPM Specialization. Stay tuned for more details.

    · Receive free Project Professional 2007 e-learning! The offer is extended to all registered attendees by PMPI, a Microsoft Certified Partner in the EPM Specialization. Stay tuned for more details.

    · Free certification testing! Take the Project 2007 Technical Specialist exam 70-632 and/or 70-633 for free at Project Conference 2009.

    · PMI Credential Holders: earn up to 32.25 PDUs with Project Conference 2009 registration!

    · Save over 15%. We’ve extended our lowest registration offer to make it more affordable to attend!

    Register Now!

    Project Conference 2009 is the one conference your company should attend this year!  For more information and to register, please visit the Project Conference Website at

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