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This blog focuses on customizations and programming for Project Web App, Project Server, Project Professional and Project Standard. Includes User Interface (UI) customizations, Project Server Interface (PSI) and Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) Programming. It also covers Business Intelligence.

September, 2009

  • Project Programmability and Business Intelligence

    The future is here! Project 2010 is announced at the Project Conference!


    Ladies and gentlemen – if you were not able to come in person to see the Chris Capossela’s keynote at the Project Conference in Phoenix – please check this out

  • Project Programmability and Business Intelligence

    Importing SharePoint List Data into Project Server 2007 Custom Fields


    Check this out - by Stephen C. Sanderlin, MSProjectExperts. Awesome real-world project article, extensive sample code!


    If you are heading to Project Conference – Steve has a 3 sessions about PSI – they span from 200 to 400 level. Worth attending…

    DEVDM 200: Project Server Programmability Overview

    Speaker(s):  Stephen Sanderlin, MSProjectExperts | 200 - Intermediate Level
    This session will provide an overview of the Project Server Interface (PSI) and the Reporting Database (RDB), along with discussions concerning their capabilities, usage, and limitations. This session seeks to build a foundational understanding of these components for the new Project Server developer.

    DEVDM 303: Best Practices: Consuming the PSI

    Speaker(s):  Stephen Sanderlin, MSProjectExperts | 300 - Experienced Level
    The Project Server Interface (PSI) contains a wealth of functionality spread across numerous components. Developers who are new to Project Server often find the sheer complexity and depth of the PSI to be extremely intimidating. In this session, we will show you how to build a basic PSI consumer application and provide some best practices. This session seeks to increase the new developer’s comfort level with the PSI.

    DEVDM 401: Building a PSI Wrapper for Application Integration

    Speaker(s):  Stephen Sanderlin, MSProjectExperts | 400 - Advanced/Expert Level
    When developing an interface between Project Server and an external Line of Business (LoB) application, the depth and complexity of the Project Server Interface (PSI) can present a whole host of issues. One of the most challenging issues is the substantial effort required for a developer that is unfamiliar with Project Server to gain solid experience and comfort with the PSI. One possible approach is to assign a small team to encapsulate the PSI interactions inside of a custom API. In this session, we will demonstrate and discuss various strategies and best practices for PSI encapsulation.

    See you at Project Conference!


  • Project Programmability and Business Intelligence

    Project Conference – T-2W update! What? Oh – less than 2 weeks before the conference!


    All the developer sessions have this icon – please check the session list!


    Also just would like to attract your attention to Hands-on labs – very cool dual monitor setup with the following experience:


    Yes – it includes the following Project 2010 self paced Hands-on Labs and Instructor Led Labs:


    Project Professional 2010 Hands On Lab Explore the major improvements of Project Professional 2010:
    • Scheduling capabilities that makes it easier as well as supports a broader set of planning scenarios from user-controlled scheduling
    • Top-down planning
    • Resource leveling improvements
    • Team Planner feature
    • Leverage SharePoint for collaboration even when EPM hasn’t been deployed

    Project Server 2010 Hands On Lab

    Explore the major improvements of Project Server 2010:
    • Demand Management
    • Portfolio Analysis
    • Timesheets and task progress tracking
    • Business Intelligence and Reporting
    In this lab we will walk you through entering proposals, running workflow, discussing portfolio analysis, drilling into online project editing. We will also help you uncover timesheeting and reporting and describe richness of the Reporting and Data Analysis area in Project Server 2010.
    Project 2010 Migration Deep Dive These labs give you hands-on experience on tools and best practices for migration from Project 2003 and Project 2007 to Project 2010. In case you are migrating from 2003 you need to migrate your data to 2007 first in order to continue to 2010.
    In the first part of the lab we show the "Virtual Migration Environment" (VME) along with comprehensive documentation that helps you to accomplish the first part of your migration easily without necessity to install or configure new 2007 farm.
    The second part uses the pre-configured 2010 image and shows steps how to attach set of 2007 databases and provision PWA instance. This part also talks about new 2010 feature Backwards Compatibility Mode.
    Financial Project Server Add-On to Project 2010 Overview The Financial Project Server add-on to Project 2010 integrates seamlessly with Project Server 2010 and enables organizations to effectively manage project financials throughout the project lifecycle. It leverages exciting new Microsoft technology such as the JS Grid and fluent UI to provide a greatly enhanced user experience to managing project financials. It enables ‘top-down’ cost budgeting, forecasting, and tracking (actuals and variances), as well as benefits estimation and realization tracking. Built on the Project 2010 infrastructure, it leverages the platform capabilities to provide workflow driven financial management governance including approvals, transitions, validations, and support for user and role level security/permissions.
    The lab scenario takes you through creating a project’s cost budget and benefits estimates with the ability to refine and add increasing detail to estimates as the project proposal moves thorough a project governance lifecycle. You will create, update, and approve project cost and benefits data, submit project cost actuals, synchronize project plan detail cost estimates with top-down estimates and view Portfolio financials data using the cube.

    Learn | Connect | Grow @ The Microsoft Project Conference

    Phoenix, AZ ® September 14-17, 2009


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