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    Managed Extensibility Framework (.NET Framework 4.0)


    - What Is Managed Extensibility Framework (MEF)?

    - What Problems Are We Trying to Solve?

    - Understand Importance of Extensibility to Software

    - Understand When MEF Would Be Used

    - Understand How MEF Is Used

    - Demonstration

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    What’s New in Visual C++ 2010 (Visual Studio 2010 C++)


    - Project and Build System – MSBuild, Native Multi-Targeting

    - Edit, Navigate, and IntelliSense – Infrastructure Change and NCB

    - Light Up on Windows Using MFC – Ribbon, Office “12” (Look and Feel)

    - C++0x Standard

        - Lambda Expressions

        - Rvalue References

        - Compile-Time Assertions

        - Automatic Type Deduction

    - Enabling Concurrency – Parallel Programming for C++ Developers in Visual Studio 2010

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    ADO.NET Entity Framework


    - Brief Introduction

    - Quick Sketch of the ADO.NET Entity Framework

    - Understanding Entity-SQL

    - Basic Tour of LINQ to Entities

    - Querying and Modifying Data

    - Concurrency, Transactions, Stored Procedures

    - POCO (Plain Old CLR Objects)

    - Model First Development

    - Lazy Loading

    - Complex Types

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    Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) 4.0


    - Declarative Services

        - Overview

        - Writing a Declarative Service in XAML

        - Correlation

    - Partial Trust

        - Partial Trust Best Practices

        - Partial Trust Feature Compatibility

    - Routing Services Introduction

        - Overview

        - Developing Router Services

    - WCF Discovery

        - Implementing a Discovery Proxy

        - Discovery Versioning

        - Configuring Discovery in a Configuration File

        - Using the Discovery Client Channel

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    Windows Workflow Foundation 4.0 (WF)


    - Introducing WF 4.0

    - The New Activity Data Representation

        - Arguments

        - Variables

    - WF 4.0 Activities

    - The Flowchart Workflow Pattern

    - State Management and Other Services

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    Advanced ASP.NET MVC


    - Routing Capabilities And How Best To Use Them

    - “View Model” Pattern In MVC

    - Dependency Injection And Implementing In ASP.NET MVC

    - Data Validation

    - Best Practices While Developing Views

    - Security Features Of ASP.NET MVC Like Request Validation And Forgery Attacks

    Note: assumes basic understanding of MVC

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    Introduction To ASP.NET MVC


    - Understanding ASP.NET MVC Project Structure

    - Understanding URL Routing In ASP.NET MVC

    - Working With Controllers, Views And Models In An MVC Application

    - New Features In MVC 3

        - Razor View Engine

        - Controller Improvements

        - JavaScript And AJAX Changes

        - Model Validation Improvements

        - Nuget Integration

        - Output Caching Of Partial Pages

        - Request Validation Improvements

  • Partner Services and Support Team Blog

    MVVM Pattern for Silverlight/WPF Applications


    - Introduction to MVVM

    - Benefits of MVVM

    - Using Delegate/Relay Commands

    - Demonstrations

    - Limitation of MVVM

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    Special Announcement! Go Home Early with 2010!


    Greetings Partners!

    We have restructured the Partner Technical Services blog so that you find it easier to locate the topics of your interest. This post will no longer be updated. We have changed the structure and moved the catalogue to Technical Service Catalogue. Please bookmark the new catalogue for your future reference.

    Learn more about the Partner Technical Services Offerings.


    Please feel free to call us at +1-800-MPN-SOLVE (+1-800-676-7658) or send an e-mail to askpts@microsoft.com.

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    Welcome to the Partner Services and Support Team Blog


    Blog posted updated on Nov 12 2011


    Partner Services and Support – Advisory, Presales & Enablement


    With more and more Microsoft Partners building innovative solutions and softwares on Microsoft platforms, it is an exciting time for us at Microsoft Partner Services and Support. We as a team work very closely with Microsoft Partners. We empower your team with personalized guidance by our experienced technical consultants and provide presales, deployment and development guidance to design the right solutions to effectively serve your customers. You can reach us at +1-800-MPN-SOLVE (+1-800-676-7658) or send e-mail to askpts@microsoft.com with your organization name and contact information.


    You can take advantage of following services:


    Technical Advisory Services


    Development/Deployment Guidance – A team of technical consultants deliver ad-hoc development/deployment advice, best practice recommendations, usage scenarios and design considerations from technical consultants.


    Code samples – We provide code samples demonstrating how to use or access Microsoft technologies. These samples can provide a basic demonstration of a specific function call sequence to access an API properly or simply show what API calls are needed to obtain a specific result. These samples are for demonstration purposes only and do not contain the proper amount of testing or error checking required for production use.


    Technology Architecture or Application Design Reviews (limited scope) – Technical consultants are available to conduct reviews of your technology architecture, application design, and application code in a small scale (due to the limitation of the hours available).  The reviewer will make recommendations to ensure your application takes advantage of underlying Microsoft technologies to deliver the best performance in your application.


    Tech Talks – You can request for live technical discussions/chat sessions on different Microsoft products and technologies, focussed on your own business and environment. You can discuss best practices and strategies to deploy Microsoft products and solutions. You can also get step-by-step comprehensive and detailed technical answers to the most frequently asked questions about specific products.


    Web Seminars and One-to-One Custom Engagements – Our team can deliver presentations, workshops, live web seminars and lab sessions focusing on areas of deployment and development. These workshops are presented and delivered via Microsoft Lync / Microsoft Live Meeting, so that multiple participants within your organization can participate.


    Upgrade or Migration Assistance You can help your customers successfully move to Microsoft solutions. Consultants from our team evaluate your customers’ current systems to identify elements for migration, and provide guidance for helping customers move users, accounts, and data.


    Code Review - Being a Microsoft partner gives you an opportunity to have your code reviewed by Microsoft technical consultants. The one underlying truth that consistently appears is that, all coding efforts run a high risk for defects or standards-compliance violation. These defects could cost billions in reengineering efforts if they make their way into production software. Our code review services can uncover these shortcomings before the code achieves production status. The goals of code reviews are as diverse as the environments in which they're created.


    Technical Enablement (1:Many Events)


    Power Start Workshop - These are introductory workshops of 100-200 level, that include introduction to the solution or product features and functionalities. This would provide all the essential knowledge needed to get oriented to a solution or product area. We also talk about presales opportunities that include value messaging, and key competitors. We also provide additional overviews of workloads related to the solution or product.


    Practice Accelarator Workshop - These are depth workshops of 200-300 level workshops in content and technical overviews. We do a knowledge transfer of the approach, design considerations and best practices specific to a solution area. These workshops include kick-off presentation, architectural review and documentation, deployment guidance and customer operations guidance. It is designed to help you build a services practice around Microsoft technology solutions and is a comprehensive set of reusable tools and best practices.


    Momentum Workshop - These are depth workshops of 300-400 level in nature, to deepen your skills and knowledge around current Microsoft products and solutions with specific scenarios, guidance and best practices to make the product real. These are specific workshops that address the solution or product workloads in depth, addressing issues like migration or deployment scenarios, implementation demos and guidance, best practices and customization opportunities. We also cover top break-fix issues and how to avoid them.


    Technical Presales Assistance


    Competitive Assistance – Compete more effectively with technical and business knowledge based on best practices and feature comparisons that enable you to win more deals.


    Feature Overview and Comparison – The right technical and competitive advice can help you overcome customer objections and positively position Microsoft technologies against the competition. Get feature and function assistance for configurations, cost of doing business assistance, and competitive sales coaching.


    Business Value – Shorten your sales cycle and increase your profitability. PTS can assist you with comparison proof points, total cost of ownership, return on investment, performance, and licensing needs. PTS can also provide product demonstrations and information about scalability, interoperability, and migration.


    Proof of Concept – Find the right Microsoft solution for your customer, and be able to prove it in advance. PTS helps you understand your customers’ current environment and business requirements, while covering technical and functional topics relevant to your customers’ business needs.


    Solution Architecture – Bring your customer requirements to the PTS team of experts, and get technical recommendations that help you build Microsoft solutions that solve your customers’ needs.


    Technical Licensing – PTS consultants help you with product licensing questions that revolve around your solutions and client access license (CAL) requirements, including licensing benefits of different product versions, the number of CALs required, and general cost comparisons.


    Test Environment Support – Test Environment Support can help you troubleshoot proof-of-concept and test bed environments. All troubleshooting is done on a best-effort basis to show and demonstrate new product features; PTS is not responsible for any data on the test bed.


    Services Offerings



    Services Lifecycle





    Stay tuned and we will have more for you!


    Partner Services and Support | Microsoft Partner Network

    + E-mail: askpts@microsoft.com |( Phone: +1 800-MPN-SOLVE (1-800-676-7658)

    Partner Services and Support team is available from 6 AM - 6 PM Pacific Time Monday – Friday.



    Blog posted updated on Nov 12 2011



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