Introducing Terminal Services Easy Print: Part 3

Introducing Terminal Services Easy Print: Part 3

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[Part III in a series. Jump to Part I, Part II, Part III]

In Part 1, we introduced the main benefits of Terminal Services (TS) Easy Print: a “driver-less” solution for printer redirection over a TS session. In part 2, we introduced a new group policy for default printers and the support for per-session printers. Part 3 describes a few changes made based on feedback received in the Windows Server 2008 Beta 3 release.

Change #1: Renaming of redirected session printers:

In Windows Server 2008 Beta 3, the redirected printers had the naming format as shown in the screenshot below:


We got feedback that just having the session ID in parentheses after the redirected printer’s name did not clearly convey that the printer is redirected. So, for Windows Server 2008, redirected printers will appear with the term “redirected” suffixed to the print queue name as shown in the screenshot below.


By adding the keyword “redirected”, users can now distinguish their redirected printers more easily.

Change #2: Ability to view and manage session printers:

Another piece of feedback received is that administrators may want to monitor printer usage by all Terminal Server users. This functionality has now been incorporated.

Members of the “Print Operators” group can monitor users’ printer usage through the “Print Management Console”. To view all session printers in Print Management Console, the administrator must take following steps:

  • Add themselves to the “Print Operators” group,
  • Install the “Print Servers” role on the server using these steps:
  • Go to Start -> Administrative Tools -> Server Manager
  • Select “Add Roles”
  • Select “Print Services” and complete the wizard
  • Launch “Print Management Console” as follows:
  • Go to Start -> Administrative Tools -> Print Management

Redirected printers from all sessions are displayed in the “Print Management Console” as shown below:


By default, members of the “Print Operators” group can only view all redirected printers. To manage any redirected printer, members of this group need to take ownership of that particular printer. “Print Operators” can take ownership of any redirected printer as follows:

  • Open “Print Management Console” and right click on the session printer to be managed
  • Select Properties
  • Select Security tab
  • Select Advanced option
  • Select “Owner” tab
  • Select “Print Operators” and click either “Apply” of “Ok”
  • Close the properties dialog
  • Re-open the printer’s properties
  • Select Security tab
  • Give the Print Operator “Manage Printer” permission on the session printer

This screenshot shows how to take ownership of a redirected printer:


This screenshot shows how to give “Manage Printer” permission to the “Print Operators” group:


Print Operators should use the “Manage Printers” permission only to perform the following tasks:

  • Delete any redirected printer,
  • Open the print queue of any redirected printer,
  • Manage jobs of any redirected printer.

All other actions on the session printers such as rename, set printing defaults, printer properties, printing preferences etc. are not supported.

There is one noticeable drawback to being able to manage all redirected printers. If “User Access Control” is disabled or if applications are opened with elevated privileges, redirected printers from all active TS sessions will be displayed when trying to print from the application.

Supported platforms:

TS Easy Print can also be used with Vista SP1 Beta as the client connecting to Windows Server 2008. Other requirements for using Easy Print remain the same as mentioned in the “What is needed to use TS Easy Print” in Part 1.

At WinHEC 2007, there was a detailed drill-down session on TS Easy Print where the feature’s design was discussed in great detail. The WinHEC slide deck is available at:

For more details on “Print Operators” group:

For more details on “Print Management Console”:

For more details on “User Access Control”:

Please leave comments or questions below. If necessary, we will put out a part 4 blog entry in the Easy Print series.

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  • Hi Patrick thanks for you attention, but I frogot to write FREE!

    There are some  solution that I used in the past

    Quest vWorkspace


    Triceratr ScrewDrivers




    But the problem is always the same, not always there is enough budget.

    When there is budget ther is a solution !!!!

    When there is not budget there is a problem !!!!!!!


  • tengo este problema

    tengo instalado windows 2008 server standar ,

    tengo 3 usuarios remotos conectados a travez de escritorio remoto por conexion adsl, cuando los usuarios remotos se conectan no deja compartir las impresoras redirigidas aparece la caja gris, y toca dalre privilegios de administrador y hacer varias vueltas para compartila, pero al cerrar sesion vuelve y se pierden los recurso compartidos, el caso es que necesito compartir el recurso para capturar el LPT1}

    gracias por su ayuda

  • If you load up any Excel spreadsheet that has a large amount of data on it (so that it would print on more than one page), and reduce it to print on one page by one page, it will not print.  It tries to print one cell on one page.  

    Has anyone else noticed this?  Is there a fix?

  • @Corbett:


    It should have the fix.


  • Thank you Rob, that appears to have corrected our Excel printing problem.

  • I've read through this series as best as possible, but am a little lost as to where to go with it.

    Here's my situation...

    My client has a Vista Home Premium 32-bit set as a remote computer for his client in Texas to store/use the printer off-site.  Everything was working fine until one day the HDD crashed.

    I put a new HDD in and re-installed the OS.  Immediately I was told the clipboard and printer wasn't working.  I did all the usual stuff, making sure the local resources were checked and all drives were working, etc.  All the basics were covered and neither clipboard or printers were working.

    So eventually I found that rdpclip.exe was not installed on Vista H.P.  I copied the one from my XP Home to system32 and the clipboard works just fine now.  When it's not working, a simply task manager kill and running rdpclip.exe gets it going nicely.

    But... printers are not working.  And by that, I mean in control panel / printers, my local printers do not show up.  Nor do my drives (even though yes, they are checked on the remote desktop connection screen, local resources... and in the default.rdp file).  Nothing under the remote PC's Control Panel / Printers or in Network (only local -- ie where the remote machine is -- devices, computers, printers show up there).

    I really need this resolved and I have no clue where to go from here.  If I were to charge hourly to fix this, they'd be owing me over a grand for the time!

    Hoping someone can help!


    My machine and my client's clients machine is XP Home.  Mine is SP3, not sure on theirs.

    I have Norton AV, the remote PC has AVG Free 9.0

    Thanks in advance!

  • I have an issue where Remote Printing within a Server 2008 R2 TS server to a local brother Printer sometimes displays weird fonts as described by some users above. I have read somewhere to remove .net 3.5.1 and install .net 3.0 sp1 & sp2. Is this as easy as removal of 1 and downloading/installing the other? Does anything else '2008' rely on 3.5.1

  • This is an administration nightmare... Great job on the universal driver, works fine, but as an administrator I need to be able to control the printers on my network. We do not use very many redirected printers, but when they are used, I need to see them and delete them, without having to change permissions to allow myself the right to delete the redirected printers on my TS server every time they are redirected... Am I missing something here???

  • I found that it is a problem, that easyprint changes default printer when you log onto the terminal server with or without local print resources.

    If you logon 3 times to the terminal server in this manner - you change the mess up the default printer setting.

    1st login - from office - with no local printer resources. Set default printer to printer 1

    2nd login - from home with local printer resources. Default printer will be set to the Local printer at home.

    3rd login - from office - with no local printer resources. The default printer is now not printer1 or local printer from home - It seems that the last printer from the printer list on the server is choosen as default printer.

    How do i create a setup where i can use network printers in the office - with one printer selected as default, and use an easyprint "local printer" at home without changing the default printer every time i change location.

  • so i have this setup and it seems to be working well except for a couple of my users... coiuple things I was wondering it it was possible:

    1. Not sure why this is happening, but when a user clicks on the x or sometimes logs in very close together the old printer is kept in the old session. So now the user logs in and well they only see the default pritner in their current session when going to devices and printers... BUT in the program they are using: Simply Accounting 2009, it keeps the OLD printer as their default inside simply from the last session, not the current session. So is there a way to say on login, delete any of these printers, or every 5 minutes run a script to delete these old session printers??? This is driving me nuts....



    stephen.walsh [[-at]]

  • Hi, have a problem with RD Easy Print, i want to always the server try to locate the correct driver for the printer, we use windows 2008 r2 and it's part of a domain (same windows), i'm using the inf file map option to assign the correct driver, it only works for the administrator, but not for the normal users, any idea?.

    another question... is there an easy option where the domain administrator or any user with privileges to see every printer on the server? i not even can troubleshoot because i can't see on the events corresponding to other sessions... my user have admin permissions...



  • I have remote window server 2008, in my remote machine i can see redirected printers. but if i select redirected printer as default I could not select other pronters for pronting prpose. what should be done for this. is there some setting . pls help

  • Hi,

    I have remote Windows 2008 R2 64 bit.  I use easy print service. i can see my all priter in Terminal services. But i can not send any PCL files to redirect priter.  i can see my files on spooler but then it loosing.

    how can i send PCL filen to printer use easy print service

  • Hello, very interesting thread, I have come up with redirected printer problems at 2 customers who both use TS2008 server one of them even R2.

    Thing is, these 2 customers have 2 different LOB applications but I see the same kind of problem in both of them.


    When a user connects to the TS (Printer Mapping not activated in RDP client) they only get deployed printers showing up of corse. However these users sometimes connects from their home or other external places, and not everytime they have the printer reditrection deactivated and thus of corse get a (redirected 1) session får all local printers, next time the do the same the get (redirected 2) and so on.

    No problem att all with that in regards to "normal" applications. However for the 2 LOB applications there´s a big big problem, When they use the print dialog and is to choose a printer listed they can see all historical (redirected) printers in the list, and I have seen as many as 100 for som users :(

    As I said they´re only shown in the LOB applications not in the windows session itself.

    This is a situation they can´t have but how can I fix this permanently ?

    I have checked by regedit and sure enough I can find these (redirected) printers there at various places and if I delete them manually they are gone int eh LOB app too, but then teh user connects again with printer redirection enabled and the list starts to build up again :(

    The long list of printers is here in the registry.







    HKEY_USERS\S-I-D\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Devices

    HKEY_USERS\S-I-D\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\PrinterPorts

    In the TS lockdown policy we have

    Do not set default client printer to be default printer in a session        not configured

    Do not allow client printer redirection          not configured

    Use Remote Desktop Easy Print printer first        disabled

    Specify RD Session Host server fallback printer driver behavior  enabled (Default to PCL if one is not found)

    Does anyone have a solution at hand ?


  • HELP !!!

    I have 2 Terminal servers running in a farm with TS Session Broker.

    I have .Net 3.0 and 4.0 installed on both machines.

    TS Easy Print driver installed.

    When I connect to the remote desktop with ANY user (and I mean any user) I can see that the printer ports are created on the terminal server as  TS001 ... TS005 , Port Monitor Name : Dynamic Print Monitor , Port Description : COMPUTERNAME:PRN2 to PRN7 but the Printer Name is Empty !!

    So the ports are getting mapped but I don't see any Printers.

    I have tried also installing the HP Universal printer driver and changing the GPO to not use Easy Print first , same problem , with or without the GPO.

    No errors in the event log , nothing ...

    I have tried to install a new machine and add it to the same TS Session Broker farm and on the new machine printer redirection works fine ... but not on my 2 older servers.

    Is there any way that I can enable some more extensive logging to see what is happening and why are my printers not mapped ?

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you.

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