Here I provide 2 small Windows 7 tips that bothered me days and decided to solve it. well, actually they are just setting problems.

First, in Windows 7, now the default option for Windows Explorer is to not show the folder list when you open or get into a folder, which is different with that in Vista. I’ve used to have the folder list in left pane so that I can clearly know where I am, therefore I decided to put it back. it’s on the Tools –> Folder Options menu.


Just check that “Show all folders” and “Automatically expand to current folder” and you got the using experience like when you were in Vista.

Second, which bothered me the most, is that I don’t have Image Preview in Windows Explorer. all I got are thumbnails.


After a search, found the problem via this forum post. Yes, I had tweaked settings in my windows explorer, and I DID CHECKED that “Always show icons, never thumbnails”!!


Make sure you UNCHECK this option if you want preview of your image files!

That’s it, wish it help. :)

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