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  • Jim O'Neil - Technology Evangelist

    Azure@home Part 7: Asynchronous Table Storage Pagination

    This post is part of a series diving into the implementation of the @home With Windows Azure project, which formed the basis of a webcast series by Developer Evangelists Brian Hitney and Jim O’Neil. Be sure to read the introductory post for the...
  • MSDN Roadshows

    Top Failed Bots

    During a presentation the other day to the Charlotte ALT.NET group ,  I made a joke that Rock, Paper, Azure is doing something completely ridiculous: we invite people to write code and we’ll run it arbitrarily.  (Well, not really arbitrarily...
  • JrzyShr Dev Guy

    Get Started with Node.js + Windows Azure: Resources

    I previously posted the recordings of a Node.js + Windows Azure presentation I gave at the NY Alt.NET user group in January 2012. As a follow-up, here is a bookmark-able post of Node + Azure resources. Want to get started with Node.js on Azure yourself...
  • Jim O'Neil - Technology Evangelist

    Windows Azure Interactive Feature Map

    One of my favorite ways to present an overview of Windows Azure is via the following image. Well, this is really the last image of a typical presentation , since I start with a blank slate and successively add service blocks and a bit of narrative along...
  • MSDN Roadshows

    Storing Data in Azure: SQL, Tables, or Blobs?

    While building the back end to host our “Rock, Paper, Scissors in the cloud” game, we faced a situation of where/how to store the log files for the games that are played.   In my last post , I explained a bit about the idea; in the game, log...
  • MSDN Roadshows

    Getting Ready to Rock (Paper and Scissors)

    We’re gearing up for something that I think will be truly exciting – but I’m getting ahead of myself.  This is likely going to be a long series of posts, so let me start from the beginning. About a year or so ago, at the Raleigh Code Camp, I stumbled...
  • MSDN Roadshows

    Rock, Paper, Azure Re-launch!

    I’m a little late getting this out (pesky vacations and all) but we re-launched Rock, Paper, Azure (RPA) a few weeks back with weekly competitions! What is Rock, Paper, Azure?  In short, it’s a game, primarily for developers.  It’s also a fun...
  • MSDN Roadshows

    RPA Game History Available

    You spoke, we listened.   Rock, Paper, Azure is going well, but one thing we’ve heard from many people is that they would like a history of their games.   The main reason for this is the “attack and retreat” approach  some people...
  • Jim O'Neil - Technology Evangelist

    NerdDinner On Azure – Take 2

    At last week’s Greater Buffalo IT/Dev Day , I did an overview of the Windows Azure Platform (the recently rebranded Azure Services Platform).  Rather than do a tired “Hello World” example, I thought it would be more interesting to talk about a more...
  • US ISV Evangelism

    Harness Power of Windows Azure in Your Windows 8 Metro App


    WATWindows8.pngWindows Azure Toolkit for Windows 8 helps you create Windows 8 Metro Style applications that can harness the power of Windows Azure.  The idea is to connect your Windows application to data in the cloud.

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