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  • Jim O'Neil - Technology Evangelist

    Azure@home Part 7: Asynchronous Table Storage Pagination

    This post is part of a series diving into the implementation of the @home With Windows Azure project, which formed the basis of a webcast series by Developer Evangelists Brian Hitney and Jim O’Neil. Be sure to read the introductory post for the...
  • MSDN Roadshows

    Creating a Great Mashup using Windows Azure

    This post details features used by Earthquake Explorer , a Windows 8 app that displays earthquake information on Bing maps. Earthquake Explorer was based off of the Earthquakes mashup starter kit on github . Creating a mashup is pretty easy in Windows...
  • MSDN Roadshows

    Getting Ready to Rock (Paper and Scissors)

    We’re gearing up for something that I think will be truly exciting – but I’m getting ahead of myself.  This is likely going to be a long series of posts, so let me start from the beginning. About a year or so ago, at the Raleigh Code Camp, I stumbled...
  • MSDN Roadshows

    Rock, Paper, Azure Re-launch!

    I’m a little late getting this out (pesky vacations and all) but we re-launched Rock, Paper, Azure (RPA) a few weeks back with weekly competitions! What is Rock, Paper, Azure?  In short, it’s a game, primarily for developers.  It’s also a fun...
  • MSDN Roadshows

    Storing Data in Azure: SQL, Tables, or Blobs?

    While building the back end to host our “Rock, Paper, Scissors in the cloud” game, we faced a situation of where/how to store the log files for the games that are played.   In my last post , I explained a bit about the idea; in the game, log...
  • MSDN Roadshows

    RPA Game History Available

    You spoke, we listened.   Rock, Paper, Azure is going well, but one thing we’ve heard from many people is that they would like a history of their games.   The main reason for this is the “attack and retreat” approach  some people...
  • JrzyShr Dev Guy

    Get Started with Node.js + Windows Azure: Resources

    I previously posted the recordings of a Node.js + Windows Azure presentation I gave at the NY Alt.NET user group in January 2012. As a follow-up, here is a bookmark-able post of Node + Azure resources. Want to get started with Node.js on Azure yourself...
  • MSDN Roadshows

    Top Failed Bots

    During a presentation the other day to the Charlotte ALT.NET group ,  I made a joke that Rock, Paper, Azure is doing something completely ridiculous: we invite people to write code and we’ll run it arbitrarily.  (Well, not really arbitrarily...
  • Jim O'Neil - Technology Evangelist

    Couchbase on Azure: Creating a Virtual Network

    This is the second post of a walkthrough to set up a mixed-mode platform- and infrastructure-as-a-service application on Windows Azure using Couchbase and ASP.NET. For more context on the application, please review this introductory post . Why Do I Need...
  • MSDN Roadshows

    Calling Stored Procedures from Windows Azure Mobile Services

    I was surprised, yet delighted, that Windows Azure Mobile Services uses a SQL database.   Schema-less table storage has its place and is the right solution at times, but for most data driven applications, I’d argue otherwise. In my last post...
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