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Team Foundation Server Trial on Microsoft Downloads

Team Foundation Server Trial on Microsoft Downloads

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Are you eager to try Team Foundation Server, but you don’t have an MSDN Subscription to access the download, or you don’t want to wait to order and receive a CD in the mail?

We just put the English 180–day Trial Edition on Microsoft Downloads to make it more accessible. We also plan to make localized versions (e.g., Japanese, French, etc.) available for download once they’re ready.

The download is a CD image file (.ISO) that is around 447 MB, so be sure you have a reliable connection with adequate bandwidth for a successful download. Microsoft Downloads doesn’t have a file transfer manager like MSDN Subscriber Downloads, which helps with files of this size.

To install Team Foundation Server, you should also download:


  • The download is now not availble. Is there any reason for this?

    Hope this is just temporary as I only have a short period to evaluate a lot of new technology.

    Many thanks,

  • Team Foundation Server Trial Edition is available for download again.
  • Hi folks, how do I know which version I'm currently have installed? In Add/Remove programs there's no clue for that.

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