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August, 2005

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    RSS Features in IE 7 for XP and Windows Vista Beta 1

    Hi! I’m Jane Kim, program manager for RSS in Internet Explorer. Now that Beta 1 of IE 7 for Windows XP and Windows Vista are released, I want to introduce to you to what RSS features that are available in this release. We also posted this information...
  • Microsoft RSS Blog

    Windows RSS Publisher's Guide, Part 1: Feed Auto-discovery

    Today is the first installment of the Windows RSS “Publisher’s Guide.” Over the development of the RSS features in Windows Vista, we’ll post regular features on what RSS feed publishers need to do to properly integrate with IE. In general, these will...
  • Microsoft RSS Blog

    Simple List Extensions - Spec update

    As promised, I've posted a local (draft) version of the updated Simple List Extensions 1.0 (which we're mirroring on this site while we get the MSDN site updated) as well as a companion document ( SLX Explained ) with samples, examples, and more detailed...
  • Microsoft RSS Blog

    The Blog Business Summit - What we heard

    Last week, Dean and Robert Scoble spoke at the Blog Business Summit in San Francisco. For those who couldn't make it, Peter Levinson has a great blow-by-blow of the talk at The Editor's Blog , while Ian Kennedy pulls out some of the highlights and...
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