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August, 2006

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    IE7 RC1 (for XP) released

    In case you're one of the 12 people who read our blog and don't also read the IE blog , I thought I should mention that the first public Release Candidate of IE7 for Windows XP has been made available today. Read Dean's post on the IE blog for details...
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    Windows Live Writer Beta released

    I think it's only appropriate to congratulate the Windows Live Writer team on the release of their Beta by posting this entry using the Windows Live Writer Beta itself. I've been using their internal release candidates for several weeks, and I have to...
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    Script in Feeds

    You might have read the c|net article " Blog feeds may carry security risk " which summarizes the presentation given by Robert Auger and Caleb Sima of SPI Dynamics. The presentation points to potential dangers of malicious script embedded in feeds. This...
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    “Mom, I am on M-TV!”

    MSDN TV that is. At the end of June MSDN TV published my episode on RSS in IE7 and the RSS Platform . It's 15min short and gives an overview including demos of the RSS lightweight reading experience in IE7, the RSS Platform and how publishers can enable...
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