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December, 2006

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    Patent Applications in the RSS space

    It's always fun when a story hits the blogosphere while you're stuck on a plane. :) This will be short, because I'm connecting over a 14.4K modem line (I have the deepest sympathy for folks who still do this every day!), but I just want to say a few basic...
  • Microsoft RSS Blog

    Enclosure Download

    A while ago I posted details about the RSS Platform Download Engine. That post focused on downloading of feeds, but did not include additional details on enclosure downloads.     Enclosures are, as most readers know, files that are "attached" to items...
  • Microsoft RSS Blog

    Windows Vista and Feeds

    As noted pretty much everywhere on the web, Windows Vista launched (for businesses) last week. Windows Vista includes IE7 and the Windows RSS Platform , and is therefore the first Windows operating system to ship with built-in support for RSS (and...
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