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Download security update for Internet Explorer

Download security update for Internet Explorer

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Today Microsoft released a security update for Internet Explorer. To help protect your computer, visit Windows Update to download and install the update and ensure that you have automatic updating turned on.

Note: This update replaces the Fix it that we posted earlier this week. If you install this update, you do not need the Fix it. If you already installed the Fix it, you still need to install this update.

For technical details, see:

  • I received the update, but can not install it.  Keep receiving error code 80070643.  I have tried the fixes mentioned in the support forums.  Any one else having this problem?  Thanks in advance for any suggestions.  

  • I Need (GOOD) Security On My System ?? Help& Install, Best Recommendation?

  • please makeit easy

  • I can't install KB2744842 or KB2732059.  Keep receiving the error code 80070643.  I have tried all of the help solutions to no avail.  By reading various forums this seems a problem not just for me.  Is there a fix?  Thanks.

  • can not get in 2 my addmin.account 4 got password i tryed everything please help, 

  • i need internet explore update outomaticly

  • It good .....thanks so much that update it for us.

  • my curser isnt letting me press down on things fast enough...also alot of sales on security services on malware sales telling me i have lots of virises

  • My Virus Protection is turned off..How can I turn it back on.  I am 85 years old and I am not a computer expert.  I do need detailed instructions.

  • Cannot check for updates. Computer showes a blank screen. System says that the service is not running. Also all my security for Windows update are turned off and I can't turn them back on. What's going on?

  • cannot get on internrt

  • Thank you very very much for your help in updating my computer.

  • As an Avira user, I have received a message that my laptop is unprotected. For some reason, I cannot turn on Malware (the other three are okay).  I even went so far as to restore my system to an earlier date which was successful, but the message in the Security Center still exists. I have logged off and restarted repeatedly, but the message  remains the same.  Please assist in this effort.  Thanks,

  • please how can i installer updates

  • A virus was eliminated from my computer, but I can't update.  Error comes up 0x80070424..  Need help in upgrading.

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