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    Happy Birthday Small Basic

    Marking the first year anniversary since it went public, we're announcing the 7th release of Small Basic CTP. This release adds localized support to four new languages, extending Small Basic's reach to Chinese, French, German, Italian, Korean, Russian...
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    Sample of the Week - SOko

    This week's Small Basic sample of the week comes from kts99 who has written this beautiful game, SOko Cute. This is one of the first samples that make great use of the Shapes.Rotate and Shapes.Zoom APIs. You can check out this game in Small Basic by importing...
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    Graduating from Small Basic

    You probably have heard of the "Graduate" feature introduced with the Small Basic v0.7. If you haven't - you should check it out - it allows you to convert any Small Basic program into an equivalent Visual Basic program, allowing you to gently ramp up...
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