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August, 2009

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About Contagious Curiosity

   I am a DE (Developer Evangelist) for the MSDN (Microsoft Developer Network) team.  My job is to give talks to developers throughout Southern California, to listen to their feedback, and to communicate that feedback back to Redmond.  My interests and specialities are as follows:

  • SQL Azure
  • Microsoft SharePoint Server
  • SQL Server (everything!)
  • BI (Business Intelligence) using SSAS, SSRS and SSIS (that's Analysis Services, Reporting Services and Integration Services)
  • Teaching Kids Programming

I am a "language geek" with a degree in linguistics and have a hobby of learning foreign languages.  Semantic modeling - both visual and verbal - fascinates me.  I love LINQ, SDML, ORM and the like...I mean, really, how many people have you ever met that actually used English Query in SQL Server 7.0?

  • Contagious Curiosity

    SoCalDevGal for September 2009

    **updated Sept 3, 2009** Lots to do (as always) – so, if you are looking to find me in September, I’ll make it easy.  This schedule is subject to revision. Week One Tues, Sept 1          Microsoft LA for...
  • Contagious Curiosity

    FAQ for SoCalDevGal’s Africa 2009 trip

    Back home after nearly a month in Africa – so many questions, so much mail. I thought it might work best just to put up a little FAQ on my blog – enjoy!  I’ve also inserted some pictures into this FAQ for fun. Q: Was this your first trip to Africa...
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