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  • Blog Post: SharePoint Architecure presentation & dev poster from San Diego

    Here's a link to the deck from my presentation today. Also, here's a link to the detailed SharePoint developer poster that I talked about in my presentation as well. Download details: 2007 Office System: Developer Posters
  • Blog Post: Common Coding Issues When Using the SharePoint Object Model

    SharePoint developers --you know who you are - particularly those of you that have been 'pounding' my inbox lately :) --read this reference article! Best Practices: Common Coding Issues When Using the SharePoint Object Model
  • Blog Post: geekSpeak on Channel9 - SharePoint Features with Paul Stork

    Here's a list of links related to Paul's geekSpeak show: -to 'What is a Feature? ' -to the FBA Authentication walkthrough that I normally use: -to the SharePoint Discussions list in Yahoo Groups . -to Paul's employer's Mindsharp website - lots of free whitepapers and other downloads. and...
  • Blog Post: new geekSpeak shows up on Channel9

    I put the recordings for these shows up on Ch9 geekSpeak today: 1) XNA game programming w/Nick Landry 2) Workflow policies w/Mark Dunn Also, join us live tomorrow (Wednesday) at 12 noon PST for this show: MSDN geekSpeak: Using SharePoint Server as a Development Platform with Paul Stork (Level 200) Join...
  • Blog Post: MSDN geekSpeak group on facebook

    For those of you who don't already know, I am a big facebook junkie (yes, I'll admit it here, for all to see - well, I don't watch TV, so I've got to have a couple of vices, right?) anyway, I've created a group for the weekly (webcast) show on MSDN Channel9 called geekSpeak . It's for all to see - hosts...
  • Blog Post: It's lonelygirl15's world, isn't it?

    It's lonelygirl15's world, isn't it? Maybe not yet (at least for me) After spending a day at the New Media and Podcast Expo , I am thinking that the 'next Web' is all about micro-content. Well, that and oddly-colored hair if the attendees are actually influential. Viral video presenters on a panel with...
  • Blog Post: October 2007 geekSpeak links

    We've got a great line-up for October. Join us live each Wednesday from noon to 1pm. Ask expert guests (working developers) tough questions about they are using new technologies. Click on the links below to register for the live webcasts. We'll post recorded webcasts to geekSpeak on Channel 9 as well...
  • Blog Post: FREE Virtual Training Series - Longhorn developer topics

    Check this out - labcasts - very cool (don't you love this free stuff?) - here are the topics: WCF, WF, Windows Eventing, PowerShell, IIS 7.0, CardSpace, Transactional File System, Vitualization, High Performance Computing Microsoft Virtual Training Series - On-Demand Session Selection
  • Blog Post: SharePoint 2007 Free Features

    Awesome collection of Features on CodePlex. Thanks to Scot Hillier. Note the AJAX.config feature in particular. SharePoint 2007 Features - Home
  • Blog Post: looking for September geekSpeak registration links?

    Due to a glitch in scheduling - the ONLY way to join the September geekSpeak shows live each Wednesday from 12-1 pm PST is by clicking the Live Meeting link on the geekSpeak blog at As usual, we'll post recorded shows up to Channel9 Also for September be sure to download...
  • Blog Post: MSDN geekSpeak: Silverlight w/ Shawn Wildermuth (September 5th)

    Our first geekSpeak in September will be the return of Shawn Wildermuth , this time taking your questions on Silverlight. Shawn's also presenting a Silverlight workshop on the road, more information on this 3 day workshop can be found at So join us on Wednesday, September...
  • Blog Post: SharePoint 2007: Team Tools Feature Explorer v1.0

    SharePoint Developer? Check this out! SharePoint 2007 Weblog » Blog Archive » SharePoint 2007: Team Tools Feature Explorer v1.0
  • Blog Post: Ultimate multi-tasking: refreshing Swedish & learning SharePoint Workflow development

    Some days I just LOVE my job. Anyone else besides me like watching this is Swedish? When I write C# samples, I like to use German strings, just to make it more interesting...
  • Blog Post: Enterprise SharePoint Search Best Practices

    a good read--even for developers Deploying and Supporting Enterprise Search
  • Blog Post: LINQ to SharePoint - on CodePlex

    Well, well, check this out, if it isn't the marriage of two interesting technologies (CAML and LINQ). I haven't tried it (yet) - but wanted to pass this along to my readers ASAP. If you are new to LINQ, be sure to attend my free MSDN sessions this quarter, one topic is LINQ - register here .
  • Blog Post: Web App Security on geekSpeak on Channel 9

    Keith Brown from PluralSight answers developer security questions - listen here
  • Blog Post: Channel 8 - watch for it

    You'll like it - coming soon.
  • Blog Post: geekSpeak on Ch9 for July/August 2007

    Shows run live each Wednesday 12-1 PST. Guests are here to answer YOUR questions. If you can't make it to the live show - post your questions in advance here , and then Glen or I will ask 'em for ya' during the show. Shows are recorded and will be posted here on Ch9 . Also, we 'take the notes' for you...
  • Blog Post: OneNote notebooks on SharePoint

    From CodePlex - get this OneNote Web Exporter - Home
  • Blog Post: Does your SharePoint Workflow look like this?

    Then you need to get more information! Here's a list of links after my SharePoint Workflow for Developers webcast today. SharePoint Workflow introduction Create a workflow in SharePoint designer
  • Blog Post: Plan the end-user search experience (Office SharePoint Server)

    This is very well-written article that all SharePoint DEVELOPERS should read prior to attempting to programmatically customize SharePoint search. The article is intended for an ITPro audience, however, my experience has been that it is most often developers who are configuring search customization in...
  • Blog Post: "How Do I?" videos

    These are great! Check 'em out. - Also coming soon are videos for IIS and C++. ASP.Net videos ASP.Net AJAX videos Devices videos Expression videos Extensibility videos Office/VSTO videos Silverlight videos Visual Basic videos VSTS videos Windows Forms videos WPF videos
  • Blog Post: dasBlonde - WCF Webcast Series

    Michele Laroux Bustamate has announced that she'll be presenting a 15 part series on WCF - if you are getting started with WCF, you'll want to listen in. All the links are on her blog. dasBlonde - WCF Webcast Series
  • Blog Post: What's so open about Open XML?

    And why should you care - watch this one on Channel9 . Note the link on the site to the Open XML screencasts.
  • Blog Post: You make me smile

    It's a good thing that I like email, 'cause I get an incredible amount now. So much of it is really just junk, but customer email always takes priority -- and, customers who make me smile are at the top of the list. Thanks to Fred for today's smile. "Fred's Custom (SharePoint) Workflow Commandments"...
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