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May, 2005

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    Top 10 customer issues in Visual Studio 2005

    MSDN Product Feedback Center is one of the best things we have done recently in an effort to stay better connected with our customers. Having this as a feedback mechanism to help understand what is foremost on our customers’ minds in Visual Studio 2005...
  • Somasegar's blog

    Happy Anniversary - One year and counting...

    It’s been a year since we met. I still remember how I spent literally 3 hours (20 minutes to write and 2 hours 40 minutes reviewing each word 25 times) to write my first blog entry. Since then, I have gotten much more efficient about blogging :) . ...
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    VS2005 and .NET FX 2.0 Application Compatibility

    In every major release like Visual Studio 2005 and the .NET Framework 2.0, we spend a lot of effort ensuring application compatibility with previous versions. We do a lot of testing and internal reviews to ensure that your applications continue to work...
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    Imagine Cup 2005

    Anyone who knows me understands how passionate I am about encouraging student interest in science and technology, especially, of course, in the Computer Sciences. Students represent the next generation of technology leaders, and it is the responsibility...
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    Source Control in VS2005

    One of the questions I keep getting asked a lot is how do I think about Visual Source Safe versus the new one that will be a part of Team Foundation Server with Visual Studio 2005. Developers working alone, or on a small team can enjoy the improvements...
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    .NET CF

    I recently read a report from the European market analysis firm Datamonitor on the competitive state of mobile business application development tools. I was very happy to see that they predict Windows Mobile and the .NET Compact Framework as best positioned...
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