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January, 2006

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    At your service...

    Today we launched the Visual Studio and .NET Framework Servicing site on MSDN. The site includes new information about the Visual Studio and .NET Framework servicing roadmap and our servicing process. It also aggregates a large amount of information...
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    A World of New Opportunity

    I had an opportunity to spend a couple of weeks in New Zealand recently. It is a very pretty place with lots of natural beauty and interesting outdoor activities. It reminded me of the Pacific Northwest a lot. In that context, it was interesting to note...
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    .NET Enterprise Library v2.0

    Last week, the Patterns & Practices team released v2.0 of Enterprise Library – a library of application blocks designed to assist developers with common enterprise development challenges. Application blocks are a type of guidance, provided as source...
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    Next milestone for Expression tools

    Today, we are shipping the first CTP of “Sparkle” (Expression Interactive Designer) and the next CTP of “Acrylic” (Expression Graphic Designer). You can download the CTP drops for both the products from the Expression website . As you know, we announced...
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    CTP: Data and Language coming together in VB

    Since delivering Visual Basic 8.0 in VS 2005, the VB team has been working on the next generation language extensions and enhancements – Visual Basic 9.0. VB 9.0 offers language extensions to support data-intensive programming in a unified way i.e. creating...
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    Strategic thinking

    There is something mystical about the word “strategy”. People love to use strategy in a variety of different context – business strategy, technical strategy, product strategy, process strategy, people strategy, competitive strategy, winning strategy,...
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    Mobility is the name of the game

    The world is becoming a smaller place everyday. People are becoming more and more mobile. Device proliferation has been and will continue to be huge. If you look at all these trends, it is no wonder that smart devices will play more and more an important...
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    What does "Live" mean for developers

    A couple of months ago we announced two new Internet based services from Microsoft - Windows Live and Office Live . These services demonstrate how software is evolving through the power of services. Now, what do these services mean for the developer...
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    MIX is designed to be a 72-hour conversation about enhancing Web-based customer interactions. Attendees will have the opportunity to hear Bill Gates and other industry leaders talk about the new and unique experiences that can be delivered over the Web...
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