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February, 2006

  • Somasegar's blog

    Thinking "outside-the-box"

    Rumor has it that Charles H. Duell, the U.S. Commissioner of Patents, in 1899 once said "Everything that can be invented has been invented." and recommended that the U.S. patent office be closed down. If true, clearly Charles H. Duell had a problem thinking...
  • Somasegar's blog

    InfoCard in WinFX

    I always get confused, annoyed, forgetful when it comes to remembering the myriad of digital identities that I have to deal with. I am sure this is true for most everyone in the online world. The lack of a unified digital identity has led to phishing...
  • Somasegar's blog

    Follow-up from VSLive last week

    Last week, as part of my keynote at VSLive in San Francisco, I talked about 2 upcoming milestones and deliverables from the Developer Division: 1. Release Candidate for Team Foundation Server - The team signed off on the Release Candidate bits on Friday...
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