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June, 2006

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    .NET Framework 3.0

    When speaking to developers about WinFX one question that repeatedly comes up is, “WinFX sounds great, but what happens to .NET?” .NET Framework has becomes the most successful developer platform in the world. Developers know and love .NET. The .NET...
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    MSDN Wiki Beta

    I have always thought that the bulk of the information for any of our product is generated by the community and customers. Unfortunately, there isn’t any easy way to share the large amounts of valuable information (golden nuggets of information) with...
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    LINQ and ADO.NET innovations

    Language-Integrated Query (LINQ) is a breakthrough technology that eliminates the impedance mismatch among different data domains. With LINQ, developers do not need to learn separate query syntaxes when querying over diverse data domains such as XML,...
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    A lesson from birds

    I spent a day with the leaders in my division recently at an off-site. The focus of that day was not about technology but rather excellence in leadership and how we work together as an effective leadership team. One of the anecdotes that I mentioned there...
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    Last month, we launched CodePlex - an extension of our Shared Source Initiative that provides a community portal for developers to actively participate in collaborative development projects. CodePlex is the first web-based instance of Team Foundation...
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