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December, 2008

  • Somasegar's blog

    Code Focused Development in VS 2010

    In a blog post in November , I mentioned a feature called “Quick Search” - one of the code focused features of Visual Studio 2010. We have been lagging behind some in this area in the past and we wanted to focus on this as a key pillar for Visual Studio...
  • Somasegar's blog

    Lab Management in VSTS 2010

    One of the components of Visual Studio Team System 2010 is Lab Management. We first talked about this at the most recent PDC and we have seen quite a bit of excitement from our customers on this. It is obvious that developers and testers are faced with...
  • Somasegar's blog

    Reminiscing 2008...

    With the year almost coming to an end, I was looking back at some of the remarkable events this past year. One of the fondest memories I have of this year, although with mixed feelings, is Bill Gate’s keynote and luncheon at TechEd . This keynote marked...
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