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June, 2011

  • Somasegar's blog

    Imagine Cup People's Choice

    The Imagine Cup brings together students from all walks of life from around the world and tasks them with a big challenge: solve the world’s toughest problems through technology. I have been involved in the competition for all of its nine years...
  • Somasegar's blog

    Targeting Heterogeneity with C++ AMP and PPL

    Previously, I blogged about key trends in software development starting with concurrency/parallelism, and indeed today multi-core systems are everywhere. You can target multi-core systems from many mainstream programming languages, and with Visual Studio...
  • Somasegar's blog

    Debugger Canvas on DevLabs

    Today, we’re releasing Debugger Canvas on DevLabs . Debugger Canvas is a new user experience for stepping through code in the debugger in Visual Studio Ultimate. It displays the code of each of the methods you step into on a canvas with call...
  • Somasegar's blog

    BUILDing a bright future

    Today, Steven Sinofsky and Julie Larson-Green announced that we’ll be starting a dialog with developers about the next generation of Windows, internally codenamed “Windows 8". We’re very excited to invite you to be a part of the conversation...
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