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November, 2008

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    New language pair on


    The Translator team is excited to announce the availability of the English to Russian language pair on  This language pair is now available across all implementations of the translator technology, including Live Search and (in the next few days) the Windows Live Messenger TBot. 

    You have probably noticed that the Russian to English language pair has been available for some time on our site.  As always, translation quality is a top focus for our team.  Sometimes reaching quality takes longer for a particular direction – this can be for many reasons.  For example, if you are translating between a simple language and a complex language, the translations will be better going to the simple language than they will be going to the complex language.  If you are interested in learning more about the technology behind our machine translation engine, see Will Lewis’ blog post on statistical machine translation.

    While machine translation is certainly never perfect, for this new language pair we have now hit our quality bar for release.  How do we determine the quality bar?  In general, when the translation can be considered “useful”.  We consistently receive feedback from our users that imperfect translation which is useful is better than no translation.  So we have to balance user demand with translation quality.  With that in mind, we test our language pairs with human evaluations, until we have reached “useful” translation. 

    We are always open to your constructive feedback and help – please continue to help us so that we can keep improving quality!  We are always very grateful for good feedback. 

    Some other updates in this release you may notice:

    · We have officially migrated our domain to

    · Improved quality across several language pairs, due to improvements in training data quality

    · Improvements in Japanese to English, due to an improved method of parsing the training data

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    Linking to a foreign language web page with Microsoft Translator


    Have you ever wanted to link to a web page that is in a different language than your own site?

    (Update 01-2015)

    Translator Widget: For your own pages (http and https)

    The Microsoft Translator webpage widget allows you to deliver the page in multiple languages, without taking your users away from the site. Go here to get the code snippet for your widget. Pages with the widget on them can be linked to in a specific language by adding ?__mstto=<lg> to the URL where <lg> is the language code (like es for Spanish) you want the page to be shown in.

    For instance, this article in English has the following link:

    In Spanish:

    Billingual Viewer: On any web page (http protocol only, no https)

    You can use Microsoft Translator bilingual viewer to link to the translated web page. 


    You can directly embed all the options in the link. Here is how that works:

    Syntax (see examples above):

              from=<source language>&

              to=<target language>&


              a=<target address>

    Valid language codes:

    en, de, fr, it, es, pt, zh-chs, zh-cht, ja, ko, ar, ru, nl, cs, da, he, el, pl, sv, th

    Valid layout codes:

    SS (side-by-side), TB (top-bottom), SP (original with hover translation), TP (translation with hover original)

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