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June, 2011


  • Microsoft UK Faculty Connection

    Kinect for Windows SDK event


    We had a fantastic morning and lunch with over 80 Academics, researchers and students at a special event our team ran on the Kinect for Windows SDK.

    The speakers and agenda for the day was as follows:-

    Introductions - Geoff Hughes, Developer Platform Evangelism, Microsoft Ltd

    The Science of Kinect - Andrew Fitzgibbon, PhD, Microsoft Research Cambridge


    Time: 00:26:46

    Overview of Kinect for Windows SDK - Dave Brown, PhD, Microsoft Technology Centre

    Demos from David’s Presentation are available here

    Microsoft External Research Connections - Kenji Takeda, PhD, Microsoft Research Cambridge

    It was a great morning with lots of stimulating thoughts, discussion and debate and UK academic’s are certainly thinking of interesting uses for the Kinect device and its potential usage within teaching, learning and research.

     We would welcome any ideas you might have and also keep us informed of your progress with the SDK.

  • Microsoft UK Faculty Connection

    Kinect for Windows SDK beta UK Academic Event 21st June 2011



    This morning Microsoft UK are holding a special event for the UK Academic community on the Kinect for Windows SDK! Its been an awesome day so far and.. I will be blogging more about todays event and presentations.

    Kinect SDK Beta Launch Content

    Microsoft has produced over 4 hours of Channel9 Live content that includes developer talks, demos from Code Camp. For those of you whom were unable to attend todays event you can watch the Kinect for Windows SDK launch at channel9.msdn.com/events where you can download all the sessions and slides.24 hours prior to the event hosted a Code Camp with 30+ students, pro devs, hackers and enthusiasts who all built projects on top of Kinect.


    Coding4Fun’s Kinect Project Gallery !


    Coding4Fun Toolkit

    A handy developer API for things like converting a byte array to a bitmap for Windows Forms and WPF or getting the distance of a particular pixel in one line of code. 


    Kinect for Windows SDK VB Samples

    All of the SDK samples have now been ported over to Visual Basic Express


    Kinect cursor

    Brian Peek built an awesome Windows cursor that includes click and click/drag support


    Kinect Paint

    A fun, Metro-esque designed paint with your hands app (Drawing the word “cool” with a “caffeinated” apperance) from Evan Lang and Laurent Bugnion.



    Clint’s awesome Kinect-enabled drivable Lounge chair!


    Kinect for Windows SDK Quickstarts

    Six short and sweet demo heavy videos showing how to use the Kinect for Windows SDK

    Installing and using the Kinect Sensor


    Setting up your Development Environment


    Camera Fundamentals


    Working with Depth Data


    Skeletal Tracking Fundamentals


    Audio Fundamentals


    Quickstart Samples Download


    Other Interesting examples and links


    Kinect Beta Launch Live Event



    Kinect Beta Launch On-Demand Sessions


    Blog Post

    Coding4Fun Kinect Project Gallery


    Blog Post

    Kinect Project Post - Welcome Post


    Blog Post

    Kinect Project Post - Kinect SDK Beta Now Available


    Blog Post

    Kinect Project Post - Light Saber project


  • Microsoft UK Faculty Connection

    Daresbury Science and Innovation Campus Business breakfast network event



    On Friday June 17th Miles Deegan and myself  of Microsoft presented at the Daresbury SCI Business Breakfast Networking Event.


    daresburyin The Daresbury Science and Innovation Campus Business breakfast network event is an opportunity to connect with the North’s most dynamic hi-tech entrepreneurs, corporates, universities, support organisations and funding and professional communities.

    Once a month, a group of over 100 such individuals, meets in the Daresbury Innovation Centre to start their Friday with an hour or two of high-value networking.

    The presentation was aimed at Microsoft Windows Azure Cloud Services within SME and Microsoft BizSpark programme for start-up companies.


    Microsoft BizSpark

    A program that provides Software, Support and Visibility for Software Startups.


    Fast and easy access to current, full-featured tools and platforms you need to design, develop, test and demonstrate your software application. Here’s a sample list of the software you have access to:

    ASP.NET: a technology for building dynamic web applications

    Expression Studio: tools for designing and building web and Windows client applications and rich media content

    SQL Server: all editions of our database server software

    Visual Studio: a comprehensive suite of development tools designed to help software developers create innovative, next-generation applications

    Windows 7, Vista, XP: the latest and legacy Windows operating systems – for design, dev, test and demo only

    Windows Azure Platform: access to our cloud computing platform

    Windows Server: all editions of our server operating system

    For those familiar with Microsoft Products, BizSpark includes access and licenses to most of the software included in a Visual Studio Ultimate with MSDN Subscription.


    A connection to over 2,000 BizSpark Network Partners. These are active members of the global ecosystem: university incubators, hosters, government agencies, investors, consultants, influential bloggers and financial institutions who can provide guidance, mentoring and resources.

    Email support, online training and invitations to local technical events for entrepreneurs working with early adopter technologies, like Windows® 7, Microsoft® Silverlight, Windows® Azure and Microsoft® SQL Server 2008.

    Developer support through managed newsgroups, online library, online concierge, newsletters, conferences, blogs

    Two technical support incidents per start-up


    Start-ups have the opportunity to achieve global visibility to an audience of potential investors, clients, and partners by profiling their company and posting offers and events in the BizSpark online networking hub, BizSpark Connect. Startups may also be highlighted as a featured company and be promoted as BizSpark "Startup of the Day” on Microsoft.com/BizSpark and BizSpark’s social media sites.

    To qualify for the programme you must meet the following criteria:

    Developing Software

    Privately held

    Less than 3 years old

    Making Less than US $1 million in annual revenue

    There is no fee to enroll in Microsoft BizSpark

    If you want to enrol on the programme you can do this most simply through Daresbury SIC who is a network partner.

  • Microsoft UK Faculty Connection

    Universities now becoming Microsoft BizSpark Network Partners

    What is BizSpark?

    BizSpark is an innovative new program that unites start-up’s with entrepreneurial and technology resources in a global community with a common goal of supporting and accelerating the success of a new generation of high-potential start-up’s.

    BizSpark provides fast, easy access to current full-featured Microsoft development tools and production licenses of server products; professional technical support from Microsoft; and connections to a global community of business experts who can help guide you through the hurdles of growing your business.

    Download more details about BizSpark which describes the programme benefits and more.

    Visit the Microsoft BizSpark website.

    Visit the Microsoft Startup Zone.


    Eligibility requirements are minimal: If you're a privately held company building a software-based product or service (even using open source code), in business for fewer than three years, and with less than USD$1M in annual revenue, you're in!

    How to enrol

    To enrol, you must be sponsored by a BizSpark Network Partner. This is where University Innovation and Enterprise sections can offer a huge benefit to your start-up and entrepreneurs.

    BizSpark Network Partner Programme Guide, which explains how 3rdparty organisations like Universities can participate in becoming a BizSpark Network Partner.

  • Microsoft UK Faculty Connection

    Microsoft Academic Search


    The Academic Search beta is a free search engine, developed by Microsoft Research, that helps users quickly find information about academic researchers and their activities. It is also a test-bed for our object-level vertical search research.

    With Academic Search, you can easily find top researchers and their papers, conferences, and journals. You can also find relationships between researchers who co-authored papers. Academic Search will be changing its name with the upcoming release of new and improved features. In the meantime, try Academic Search and explore more than 15 million publications.

  • Microsoft UK Faculty Connection

    Microsoft Biology Foundation 2.0 Beta 1 Release and Coding Contest




    The Microsoft Biology Foundation (MBF) team is looking for the best bioinformatics and genomics application built on MBF 2.0 beta 1. Biologists have a chance to enter to win an Xbox 360 4 GB console with Kinect by registering their MBF 2.0 beta 1 based application by July 15, 2011

    MBF 2.0 beta 1, a language-neutral bioinformatics toolkit built as an extension to the Microsoft .NET Framework, helps researchers and scientists work together and explore new discoveries. This beta release provides significant updates, such as:

    • Increased capacity for de novo assembly of larger and more complex species than V1
    • New comparative assembly functions for characteristic genetic diversity within or between species
    • Core object model improvements for a smaller memory footprint and increased parallel processing
  • Microsoft UK Faculty Connection

    Special Event UK Academia RE: the Kinect Windows SDK beta



    The Microsoft academic team are delighted to confirm the focus of our “Special Applied Research on Windows” Academic event on the 21st June is the Kinect for Windows SDK Beta 

    The Kinect for Windows SDK beta is a programming toolkit for application developers. It enables the academic and enthusiast communities’ easy access to the capabilities offered by the Microsoft Kinect device connected to computers running the Windows 7 operating system.

    The Kinect for Windows SDK beta, includes drivers, rich APIs for raw sensor streams and natural user interfaces, installation documents, and resource materials. It provides Kinect capabilities to developers who build applications with C++, C#, or Visual Basic by using Microsoft Visual Studio 2010.

    This is a UK Academic Event only! Please ensure you register with a valid .ac.uk email address to ensure your place is confirmed!

    The event will take place at the Microsoft UK Campus, Thames Valley Park, Reading, RG6 1WG.

    21 June 2011 Kinect for Windows SDK Agenda

    · 09:30 Arrivals – Registration

    · 10:00 Welcome – introductions, Geoff Hughes, Developer Platform Evangelism

    · 10:10 Highlights from Kinect SDK launch

    · 10:30 The Science of Kinect, Andrew Fitzgibbon, PhD, Microsoft Research Cambridge

    · 11:15 BREAK

    · 11:40 Collaborating with Microsoft Research, Kenji Takeda , PhD, Microsoft Research

    · 11:50 Overview of Kinect SDK, Dave Brown, PhD, Microsoft Technology Centre

    · 12:30 Q&A / Next Steps

    · 12:45 Networking and Lunch

    · 13:30 Close

    If appropriate, we ask each academic visitor to bring a graduate student to the event who works on applied research topics.

    To apply for a place

    Register via the web here: URL: Invite Code: F58492

    This is a UK Academic Event only! Please ensure you register with a valid .ac.uk email address to ensure your place is confirmed!


    Resources: Kinect For Windows SDK beta

     Download the SDK Beta, Check out the Kinect Quick Starts and view the Kinect Project Gallery on Coding 4 Fun



  • Microsoft UK Faculty Connection

    Kinect for Windows SDK – It’s Here!

    Anticipation for the Kinect or Windows software development kit beta has been high from the UK Academic community.

    The SDK now available for free from Microsoft Research. The SDK includes not only drivers but also APIs, device interfaces, installer documents and resource materials. It’s another exciting milestone for a technology that has captured the imagination of millions, and has become the fastest selling computer electronics device of all time.

    With the release of the SDK today, we’re looking forward to another wave of creativity from academic researchers community in the UK.

    As part of the Channel9 Launch event, Microsoft has been holding a Code Camp where a select group of software developers were challenged to test the limits of their imaginations and show what they could do with audio technology, skeletal tracking system application programming interfaces and direct control of the Kinect sensor. Channel 9 is broadcasting live today, highlighting some of these amazing applications as well as providing in depth sessions on how to program on Windows using the SDK.

    The beta SDK is only the beginning! Microsoft’s vision of the natural user interface is that interactions between people and computers will ultimately become invisible, computers will understand gestures, voice commands and respond to facial expressions.

    As Craig Mundie, Microsoft’s chief research and strategy officer, said – “As breakthrough technologies like these reach scale, the resulting creativity and invention will open up a whole new world of possibilities for computing.” There is more to come, including a commercial SDK that is geared toward enabling independent software vendors (ISV’s) and businesses to develop commercial applications.

    We look forward to seeing what’s next with Kinect and getting your feedback and input so if your a UK academic we would love to hear from you.

    Those interested in the SDK will find community resources, general information and download links at http://research.microsoft.com/kinectsdk.

  • Microsoft UK Faculty Connection

    Special Live Event on Channel 9 16/06/2011


    UK Academic community, This evening Microsoft is announcing something very special. which I know a lot of you will like.

    Check out the live stream from MSDN Channel9 

  • Microsoft UK Faculty Connection

    The Power of HTML5



    Disney's New Tron: Legacy Site Comes to Life Using IE9 with HTML5

    After my recent visits to numerous Universities across the UK, I am aware a number of you have been teaching HTML5 for a number of years as part of your curricula. Therefore I thought you may be interested in the following examples of HTML5.

    Check out what Disney Publishing was able to produce using Internet Explorer 9 hardware acceleration and HTML5.

    The website takes Tron fans through an original, interactive adventure, raising the bar for what an interactive, graphic novel can be. IE9 features such as hardware-accelerated HTML5 canvas, audio tags, and fast JavaScript engine were critical in bringing the site they imagined to life.

    There are also numerous other show case sites from BMW, SKY, Wired, Top Gear and many more… the sites are specifically designed and developed for IE9 and HTML5 visit the beauty of the web showcase site to see the power of IE9 and HTML5.

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