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    Microsoft Azure Cloud Services FREE for Students



    With our new free Azure offer, student developers can publish their own web apps to Azure and host them in the cloud, at no cost and with no credit card required. Students can take advantage of these great Azure services:

    • Web Apps
    • VSO
    • Application Insights

    We have created a comprehensive guide to enable students to publish their code to Azure in any one of three ways:

    • Publish a Web App to Azure using Visual Studio
    • Enabling Continuous Integration with Azure Web Apps & GitHub
    • Publish a Web App to Azure using FTP
    Download our Using Microsoft Azure for Students PDF now and you'll be all set.

    We can't wait to see what web projects you start building in Azure!

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    Imagine Cup 2015 Results




    The Microsoft Imagine Cup has inspired and challenged student developers worldwide for over 13 years.

    The competition challenges students to master new skills, build strong teams and bring entire technology projects from concept to completion.

    On Friday, a brilliant team of students showed CEO Satya Nadella just what they’re capable of when he crowned Team eFitFashion of Brazil as the winning team of the 2015 Imagine Cup World Championship during a live broadcast and in front of an audience of 5,000 students, judges, partners and Microsoft employees at the Washington State Convention Center in downtown Seattle.


    Team eFitFashion’s project, Clothes For Me, is a marketplace for custom tailored clothes based on a person’s unique body size and shape.

    The Judging panel was made up of distinguished judges –

    Thomas Middleditch, star of the hit HBO show “Silicon Valley;”
    Alex Kipman, inventor of HoloLens; 
    Jens Bergensten, lead developer of Minecraft


    Over this past week, our judges chose a first-place winner in each of the three Imagine Cup competition categories:

    Team IzHard of Russia for Games,

    Team eFitFashion of Brazil for Innovation and Team Virtual Dementia Experience of Australia for World Citizenship.

    The first-place teams then competed in front of the world to take home the Imagine Cup and to receive a private meeting with Satya Nadella, our CEO.

    The 2016 season of Imagine Cup launches today, as well, and it’s never too early for students to start dreaming up their next projects and getting prepared by visiting our website.

    We’re finding talented student developers at younger and younger ages, too – last week we shared the results of a new competition for students as young as 9 years old, and the work they did was impressive. We’ll have more opportunities for younger students coming in August and continuing all season long.

    Here are all the winners of the 13th annual Microsoft Imagine Cup!


    • Winners of the Imagine Cup trophy and a private meeting with Satya Nadella: Team eFitFashion, for its project Clothes For Me, Winner of the Innovation category


    Games Category:

    • First Place, $50,000 prize and PAX Boot Camp: Team IzHard (Russia, “Ovivo”)
    • Second Place, $10,000 prize: Team Kuality Games (The Netherlands, “Bounce ‘em Up”)
    • Third Place, $5,000 prize: Team T.H.I.E.F. (China, “Lost Shadow”)

    Innovation Category:

    • First Place, $50,000 prize and Microsoft Ventures Boot Camp: Team eFitFashion (Brazil, Clothes for Me)
    • Second Place, $10,000 prize: Team NoObs (Azerbaijan, Spinal)
    • Third Place, $5,000 prize: Team Siymb (United Kingdom, Siymb)

    World Citizenship Category:

    Ability Award:

    Microsoft Student Partner of the year:

    • Jason Chee of Singapore
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    Get Access to Microsoft Imagine Access - DreamSpark and your FREE Azure Account


    1. Go to and select Create Account


    2. Sign-in with or create your Microsoft Account (eg: Hotmail, Outlook, or your Shibboleth academic login). On the Academic Verification page, select the best verification option for yourself, fill in the necessary data, and click Verify and then Continue. See here for more details instructions on account setup.


    Step 1. Setup Your Free Microsoft Azure Account

    1. With your verified account you can now start downloading Microsoft Azure


    2. Complete setting up your Azure account by providing the required information in the account setup page


    3 After a few minutes, your Azure account will be created. Click Start managing my service and get started creating web sites in the cloudimage

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    Imagine Cup Innovation Competition Results


    Microsoft Imagine Cup 2015
    Innovation Competition Results

    In 1st place

    Team Efit Fashion from Brazil

    About the Team

    We are a multidisciplinary team from the areas of Information Systems and Fashion, seeking for solutions to encompass both areas with intelligence, in order to bring improvements to people and companies around the globe.

    About the Project

    The project "Clothes For Me" is a online marketplace develop to sell custom made and tailored clothes in a simpler way. The goal is to increase the development of the ePMG software, which generates patterns of clothes automatically, based on the user's measures. That way, everyone can find clothes that fits perfectly, no matter what type of body you have. We aim to connect customers, seamstresses and clothing firms all over the world, offering them a channel to get in touch, with reliability and security. (read more…)

    In 2nd place

    Team NoObs from Azerbaijan

    About the Team

    The main goal of the team is to prove that technology can help people improve the quality of their lives.
    NoObs team consists of 4 people
    Movsumzade Arif - Developer
    Ismaylov Nizami - Developer
    Rustamova Fidan - Designer/Manager
    Rustamova Ulviya - Developer

    About the Project

    The project called 'Spinal' aims at helping people to control their posture, preventing consequences of wrong spinal position while they are sitting,walking,working etc. It helps develop a habit of correcting back position by using special sensors and phone (Windows Phone 8).

    Imagine Cup Innovation Pitch


    In 3rd place

    Team Siymb from UK 

    About the Team

    A team of bold and innovative minds that are crazy enough to believe they can fundamentally change real-life communication.
    Wünscher, Konstantin
    2nd year, Finance and Economics
    Delov, Konstantin
    1st year, Management and Marketing
    Zeitler, Jakob
    1st year, Philosophy, Politics and Economics (yes, I can actually code even though I am not studying Computer Science … ) (read more…)

    About the Project

    Siymb looks towards bringing conferences and exhibitions to the twenty first century. It will shatter the fishbowls full of business cards and burn their contents to ashes.
    The basic idea is using an inexpensive wearable to transform the way people interact with each other during conferences and exhibitions.

    Congratulations to the UK team you can follow their progress at and via twitter at @siymb_com

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    Imagine Cup so far a journey with Team Siymb from the University of Exeter



    Day 1 of the presentations, the Peoples Choice Award. The event was a presentation showcase the votes were to be collected from Microsoft TechReady attendees, TechReady is an internal Microsoft technical readiness event so the attendees are a mixer of engineering and technical staff.

    Team Siymb @siymb_com spent the day refining the presentations and experiencing some amazing activities. The  team got to do IoT with Raspberry Pi and Qualcomm and also had a hands on experience with Hololens.


    Team Siymb was ready, the event had a few thousand Microsoft staff worldwide attending. The goal was to get as many votes as possible from the attendees to win the people choice award.

    The team also have all the backend services ready and with an Internet connection to their Azure Cloud the system live and they asked for Microsoft staff to sign in with their linkedin profiles so we could get real event data into the system and use this data via Microsoft HD Insight and Power Bi to create a event dashboard for the live finals the next day.

    All I can say is this was a huge successful with staff from various teams,countries and nationalities signing into the system.

    WP_20150728_19_03_39_Pro  WP_20150728_19_04_28_Pro  WP_20150728_18_32_38_Pro

    We headed back the University of Washington for day 2 of practice for judges presentation, first job was to churn the data the team collected at the event this was another long day and the team gave up for sleep at midnight for a early morning start for finals day.

    WP_20150729_10_15_11_Pro (2) WP_20150727_19_53_15_Pro (2)

    Judges Presentation Day

    Day 2 Presentation Team Siymb judges presentations slot was at 3pm the very last presentation of the day.

    We had all day to wait and watch. We saw the other team arrive and leave to setup for the Campus showcase the pressure was building and building. So we decided to have a walk around the campus show the team the various activities which were taking place.

    WP_20150729_11_19_42_Pro WP_20150729_11_19_12_Pro

    WP_20150729_11_05_19_ProTwitterf3fd7d6 Twitterc55027c Twitterb899fbc Twitter2010870

    Final presentations

    The team had 10 minutes to pitch the Siymb proposal including a live demo of the wearable, data, handshake and show the visualisation of data which collected the previous evening at People Choice.

    Innovation Judges

    Dee Dee Walsh

    Dee Dee Walsh runs product management, marketing and business development for Mobilize.Net. She has spent her entire career in technology and has a long list of businesses and products that she has launched including Visual Studio, Visual Studio Team Edition, Visual Basic, MSDN, Access, Foxpro, Visual C++, Microsoft Store, Pinpoint, and Windows Marketplace. In addition, she has worked extensively to build the Microsoft partner ecosystem having built and managed the Visual Studio Partner Program, Windows logo program and numerous partner initiatives. She also spent several years as a product planner working on Microsoft infrastructure for ecommerce and anti-piracy technologies.

    Prior to Microsoft, she ran product management and marketing for ButtonWare, the first shareware company.

    Prashant Sharma

    Prashant Sharma represents Microsoft Ventures and is based out of Seattle. His team operates startup accelerators and outreach around the world. He works closely with startups and help accelerate their growth and development. Prashant has been with Microsoft for nearly 10 years with experiences spanning services, consulting and strategic operations. Prior to Microsoft, Prashant worked at Siebel Systems and Hewlett-Packard in functional engineering roles focused on Healthcare, Financial Services and Automotive. He advises startups and currently sits on the board of Leadlab and Ideazword. Originally from India, Prashant lives in Bellevue, Wash. He is married and has one child.

    View Prashant's LinkedIn profile.

    Anthony Salcito

    As Vice President of Education for Microsoft Corp.’s Worldwide Public Sector organization, Anthony Salcito works with education institutions and partners globally to embrace technology to optimize learning environments and student achievement. In this role, Salcito oversees the worldwide execution of Microsoft’s vision for education and its partnership and technology outreach efforts.

    Salcito has created several programs that have been leveraged broadly to support the company’s giving efforts and Microsoft’s Connected Learning Community initiative. He created the Microsoft Technology Friends Network, which links IT professionals and developers to schools and nonprofits to donate their technical expertise to aid with technology support.

    Salcito joined Microsoft in 1992, helping to architect Microsoft’s marketing outreach plan in the early 1990s. During his initial years with Microsoft, Salcito had the opportunity to influence marketing and one-to-many programs including the product launches for Windows NT and Windows 95.

    Salcito is involved with a variety of outreach projects; he has served on the board of directors for Stevens Institute of Technology WebCampus, and currently serves on the boards of the National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) Junior Achievement of Washington, the European Foundation for Management Development, the National Community Education Association and Western Governors University.

    Eben Upton

    Dr. Eben Upton is the Founder of the Raspberry Pi Foundation, and serves as CEO of Raspberry Pi Trading. He also serves as a Technical Director and ASIC architect for Broadcom. He founded two successful mobile games and middleware companies, Ideaworks 3d Ltd. and Podfun Ltd., and served as Director of Studies for computer science at St. John's College, Cambridge. He was a Visiting Researcher at Intel. He he has been Chair of the Khronos OpenVG Working Group since 2008. Dr Upton has been a Member of Advisory Board at TTI Technologies LLC since October 1, 2013.

    Todd Bishop

    Todd Bishop is co-founder and editor of GeekWire, the largest tech news site in the Pacific Northwest. A technology journalist for more than 12 years, Todd covers tech giants including Microsoft, Amazon, Google and Apple, and hosts the weekly GeekWire radio show on KIRO-FM. Todd previously worked for newspapers including the Philadelphia Inquirer and Seattle Post-Intelligencer. Todd graduated from California State University, Chico, with a double-major in journalism and business.

    The demo and pitch was superb, the team had a superb mix of technical and business and amazing demo of the handshake and data visualisation. The competition was very strong, especially in the category of "Innovation". The presentation was streamed live at and will be available soon on and


    In the morning, we learn who are the three winners of each category, and head on to compete in the finals for the Imagine Cup.


    The team were also involved in a number of interviews throughout the day including a live Q&A session on periscope see for more details



    Showcase and hands-on judging

    After the interviews, the team went straight into the showcase and the live demos for the judges. The judges had a number of questions and got hands on with the wearable;s and system.

    Directly after that judges hands on sessions the showcase opened for the Microsoft and the public, the teams could present their projects to Microsoft "//oneweek" and "TechReady" attendees.

    The exhibition of Microsoft Research Design Expo was also been exhibited and there were some amazing academic projects in addition to the Imagine Cup entries.



    What's next?

    In the next few hours if all goes well, we hear at the announcement of the WW finalist the 1st team from each of the categories.

    Hopefully Siymb will be the winner of the “Innovation” category and we will have to get ready for the finals presentation on Friday live on stage to live audience at the event and online via

    We will also learn which team wins the people's choice award.

    I look forward to the announcement of the winners! For live updates check out and twitter #imaginecup on twitter and follow @siymb_com


  • Microsoft UK Faculty Connection

    Keep up to date on the latest learning material from Microsoft Channel 9



    Channel 9 is a online learning community, at Channel 9 Microsoft brings forward the people behind our products and connect them with those who use them.

    The heart of Channel 9 is Microsoft can talk about its work to what you the customers want to learn.

    Channel 9 is all about the conversation. Channel 9 should inspire Microsoft and our customers to talk in an honest and human voice. Channel 9 is not a marketing tool, not a PR tool, not a lead generation tool. For the original story of where Channel 9 came from, don't miss the classic and inspirational The 9 Guys -Who We Are video.

    So who is Channel9

    Meet the team, check out this video to meet the Channel9 team!

    Accessing Channel9 on the device you own and view content when and where you want!

    Windows 8

    Head over to the Windows Store to download this for your Windows 8 or 8.1 machine: Channel 9 app for Windows 8

    Windows Phone

    Grab the phone app for your Windows Phone 8 or 8.1 device: Channel 9 app for Windows Phone 8 and 8.1

    Xbox 360 and Xbox One

    To get the Channel 9 Xbox app, fire up your console, sign in and then go to 'Apps'. Browse or search for Channel 9, select it and download. Once it is downloaded, you can run it from your list of apps, or you can pin it to make it easier to get back to later.


    Our iPad and iPhone application is now available in iTunes and includes the ability to sign in and to sync videos offline for viewing when you are disconnected. Click here to download it: Channel 9 on iPad and iPhone


    Click this link (you may have to sign in to your Roku account) to add our Roku channel to your device(s): Roku channel for Microsoft's Channel 9. This is a quick and dirty beta, but if there is enough interest then we will try to work on it to make it more useful and fully supported.


    Our Android phone and tablet application is now available in the Google Play store and includes the ability to sign in and to sync videos offline for viewing when you are disconnected. Click here to download it: Channel 9 for Android

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    WINDOWS 10 Launch and Imagine Cup


    This is a pretty awesome week to be in Seattle.

    I am currently out in Seattle with the UK imagine Cup team, the past few months we have preparing for the finals of the Imagine Cup 2015 with our initial presentations taking place on Wednesday. The atmosphere here on campus at the University of Washington is electric with all the world wide teams saying at Alder Hall.

    Teams have travelled from all over the word to be here and take place at the world wide finals.. its this is such amazing week and a once in a life time experience for these student to make this even more impressive the teams are going to be on the Microsoft campus for the launch of Windows 10.

    Microsoft has always embraced a vision for connecting people and technology in powerful new ways and the release of Windows 10 will connect our Imagine Cup students with new opportunities to realise their potential.

    Windows 10 brings the most unified platform we’ve ever had, making it easier than ever for students to code for multiple devices and interfaces.


    Every year we see the latest innovative technologies in Imagine Cup projects. Students have been doing great work with motion control and natural user interfaces for years now, as well as connected devices in the Internet of Things, voice control, and virtual and augmented reality.

    Now we have a unified platform in Windows 10 that supports these and other technologies, making it easier than ever for students to get from dream to working code in the shortest possible time.

    Our 2016 season of Imagine Cup kicks off at the conclusion of the World Championship on July 31.We’re going to see incredible work over this next year as our students master Windows 10 and show us how big their dreams can be.

    On July 29, we will make Windows 10 available to the world, across 190 countries, as a free upgrade.

    We are really excited to deliver Windows 10, and its many, many innovations, to the world. We want to celebrate with people who use Windows - all 1.5 billion of you - and the nearly 5 million Windows Insiders who helped us build Windows 10.

     trex whale

    We seek to inspire and empower people around the world - to not just upgrade Windows, but also to upgrade the world. The opportunity is unique but it is true to the mission of the company and to the passion we each share to make a difference in the lives of our customers.

    We’ll get started on July 29, when Windows 10 first becomes broadly available.  We’ll celebrate the launch of Windows 10 by celebrating the people and organisations who upgrade the world every day – and by helping them do even more good in their communities. 

    We’d love for you to join us. #UpgradeYourWorld.

  • Microsoft UK Faculty Connection

    IMAGINE@MVA online learning resources free to students


    As part of Microsoft’s commitment to empowering students to become the next generation of innovators, entrepreneurs and developers, we are introducing a complete set of Computer Science training resources & certifications on the Imagine@MVA site. 

    This content was created to engage and excite students of all ages (9-18) and help educators build effective STEM programs.  Learning Computer Science skills opens the door to world-changing possibilities for any student at any skill level to allow them to code virtually anything.



    What type of content can you find on Imagine@MVA?

    We offer four different courses to fit any skill level:

    · Learn to Code Series:  an introductory course that is light and engaging, with Hour of Code content designed to get students excited about coding and have fun

    · Creative Coding through Games and Apps:  this next level course allows students to learn by doing.  Students learn to create an app or game of their own, and hopefully get hooked on coding.

    · CS50.AP:  This is a Harvard-inspired, challenging journey that prepares students for the AP CS Principles Exam.  This course includes not only programming, but also real world problem solving and algorithm building, so students get the right foundation to build programs and college credit.

    · Microsoft Technology Associate:  This series offers professional certification for building careers and employability.  Students can find their own path based on their aptitude, so they understand their career possibilities and also get an MTA certification.

    Whether a student is interested in the academic route, increasing their employability, or creating something special that could change the world – Computer Science skills are essential to their success.  Imagine@MVA allows students to forge their own path with the skills and training they will need, and equips educators to help them along this journey.

    Please visit Imagine@MVA to learn more about how you can take advantage of this incredible resource. 

    How can educators best leverage the content on this site?

    Through our ongoing interactions with the educator communities, we keep hearing great interest and need for in-depth, product specific training and the accompanying credentials. 

    The content on Imagine@MVA provides the tools needed to help schools and teachers integrate Microsoft certifications into the curriculum, use them as learning and assessment resources, and prepare students for success in higher education and future careers.   We know that today’s students want to learn in different ways, and assemble a “portfolio” of knowledge and validations that are most suitable for their area of focus or chosen career path.  We are continuing our discussions with teachers about looking at Microsoft’s training and certification programs as a tool for both teaching and learning, with a high level of relevance in both academic and career readiness, to inspire and prepare students for future success. 

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    Welcome to the Imagine Cup 2015



    What Is Imagine Cup?

    The Imagine Cup was founded in 2003. So this year marks the 13th year of Imagine Cup. At the first Imagine Cup in 2003 we had just 2,000 students from 25 countries enter but over the past 13 years the Imagine Cup had grown from strength to strength. To date, over 1.8 million students from more than 190 countries have engaged with the Imagine Cup program

    Microsoft Imagine Cup is the company’s premier student technology program and competition, and a cornerstone of the Microsoft YouthSpark initiative. It provides an opportunity for student technologists, developers and aspiring entrepreneurs from all academic backgrounds to collaborate, develop a technology application, create a business plan and gain a keen understanding of what is needed to bring a concept to market. Through Imagine Cup, the brightest young minds join together to exemplify the power of student innovation.

    How Does Imagine Cup Work?

    Students compete in teams of up to four people in the Games, Innovation or World Citizenship categories to create an original technology project from start to finish – create an idea, make a plan, build the project and compete.

    Students advance through various rounds of the competition either online or through in-person National Final events organized by Microsoft subsidiaries in countries across the globe. The three categorical first place teams from each participating country are entered into the World Semifinals online, and it is here where the World Finalists teams are determined. Winners are awarded travel to the Imagine Cup World Finals, where they compete for cash prizes, and once in a lifetime experiences. The Imagine Cup World Finals are in Seattle, Washington, USA, July 27- July 31, 2015.

    World Wide FInal Locations

    2003: Barcelona, Spain

    2006: Delhi, India

    2009: Cairo, Egypt

    2012: Sydney, Australia

    2004: Sao Paulo, Brazil

    2007: Seoul, South Korea

    2010: Warsaw, Poland

    2013: St. Petersburg, Russia

    2005: Yokohama, Japan

    2008: Paris, France

    2011: New York, NY, USA

    2014: Seattle, WA, USA
    2015: Seattle, WA, USA



    The three 2015 competition categories are designed to inspire students to use their imagination and passion to create technology solutions on the Microsoft platform.

    · Games: Today, great games come from anywhere and people play them everywhere - on their phones, on their computers, on their tablets, in their browser, with their friends, with anyone, with everyone.




    Team Name

    Project Name


    Technology Overview



    Lost Shadow

    Lost Shadow is a 3D puzzle game using a creative gameplay called Shadow Path.

    Windows 8 Store App, Windows 8, Visual Studio, Unity Game Engine

    South Korea


    Lynn: A Girl Into Puzzles

    Lynn: A girl into puzzles is a 2d puzzle game where you control the puzzle instead of the character.

    Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, Visual Studio, Unity Game Engine



    Tou: The Sacrifice

    Tou: The Sacrifice is an immersive horror exploration mobile game that tells a story inspired by local Melanau folklore, culture and rituals.

    Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, Unity Game Engine, Facebook API, Twitter API




    DYD is a 3D first person game which focuses on stopping the poaching of endangered animals.

    Windows 8, Unreal Game Engine


    Kuality Games

    Bounce 'em up

    Bounce 'em Up is a physics-based, over-the-top, competitive multiplayer action game.

    Windows 8 Store App, Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, .NET Framework, Visual Studio, Unity Game Engine, Any Open Source Library


    Serious English Name


    Bandbarian uses the Microsoft Band to monitor the users exercise which gets transferred to their game character's experience

    Windows Phone 8, .NET Framework, Microsoft Azure, Visual Studio, Unity Game Engine




    OVIVO is a 2D platform puzzle game with an innovative twist, as the OVIVO world is always evolving and developing. The game world is divided on black and white spaces, and each have different gravity directions. The character has an ability to transit from one color zone to another, to overcome obstacles. The player’s goal is to solve game puzzles, based on duality of the game world, and find a symbol on every level that opens the next part of the story.

    Windows 8 Store App, Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, Xbox Indie Games, .NET Framework, Microsoft Azure, Visual Studio, Unity Game Engine

    South Africa

    Digital Interactive Games


    PYA Maze of Gods is a 3D Labyrinth style game built to challenge the user's problem solving skills, reaction time and their ability to overcome the obstacles that they will encounter.

    Windows 8, Visual Studio, Unity Game Engine



    Back in Time

    Back in Time is a 3D game developed using Unity engine for play on two screens, a laptop and a mobile phone. The game consists of making the parent and the kid compete with each other in a funny and thrilling way using a mobile phone and a Microsoft Band.

    Windows 8 Store App, Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, Microsoft Azure, Visual Studio, Unity Game Engine, Microsoft Band

    · Innovation: Incredible, world-changing software innovations often come from students. Social networks, music services, digital photography apps, gadgets and robotics – the list goes on. Imagine Cup is looking for the next big thing in this category.




    Team Name

    Project Name


    Technology Overview


    NoObs Team


    Spinal aims at helping people to control their posture, preventing consequences of wrong spinal position while they are sitting, walking, working and more.

    Windows Phone 8



    Clothes For Me

    Clothes For Me is a marketplace for custom tailored clothes based on a person's unique body size and shape.

    Microsoft Azure, Any Open Source Library




    Walkly is a mobile phone application that combines the power of social media and smartphone technology to empower users to feel more comfortable in the streets.

    Windows Phone 8, Bing/Bing Maps, Visual Studio, Any Open Source Library, Facebook API




    Stimulus is a universal and modular low-cost hardware movement simulator designed for the home.

    Visual Studio, Unity Game Engine, Any Open Source Library




    Mistory is a story-based, interactive city tour mobile application. Users can play a Story and explore a city by utilizing the environment.

    Windows Phone 8, Windows ASP.NET, .NET Framework, Microsoft Azure, Visual Studio, Any Open Source Library, Facebook API




    Manovue is the world's first intelligent personal assisting device for the blind. It is a multi-utility wearable haptic device which enables the user to read any printed text and helps them move around freely by providing haptic feedback.

    Windows 8 Store App, Windows Phone 8, .NET Framework, Microsoft Azure, Bing/Bing Maps, Visual Studio, Any Open Source Library, Microsoft Cortana, OneNote



    Screen Feels AIR

    ScreenAIR is an innovative sensor that can detect wind movements and convert them to computer input.

    Windows 8, Visual Studio, Any Open Source Library

    New Zealand



    Tether is a platform that lets you discover the talent in your social network. Whether it be make-up or repairs or photography, finding trustworthy and passionate people close to you for a casual job can be done instantly.

    Windows Phone 8, Windows ASP.NET, .NET Framework, Microsoft Azure, Visual Studio, Any Open Source Library, Facebook API, Skype API




    Dispatch is an Azure cloud based application which finds the most optimal meetup time for friends and businesses, eliminating human interaction when deciding meeting times.

    Windows Phone 8, .NET Framework, Microsoft Azure, Bing/Bing Maps, Visual Studio, Any Open Source Library

    Palestinian Authority


    Brain Controlled Robot

    BCR enables people with mobility challenges to operate helpful robots using just their thoughts.

    Visual Studio

    United Kingdom



    Siymb uses an inexpensive wearable to transform the way people interact with each other during conferences and exhibitions. With a simple handshake, participants will be able to exchange details about each other.

    Windows 8, Microsoft Azure, Any Open Source Library, Facebook API

    United States



    StudyTree is a mobile application that connects student and tutors within a university for in-person tutoring.

    Windows 8 Store App, Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, .NET Framework, Microsoft Azure, Bing/Bing Maps, Visual Studio

    · World Citizenship: Students are encouraged to find a problem in the world, even in their own lives or community, that affects many people, and then work to solve it. By creating impressive new technology projects in fields such as health, education, and the environment, these students have shown the world new ways to think and to change lives.



    Team Name

    Project Name


    Technology Overview


    Virtual Dementia Experience


    The Virtual Dementia Experience (VDE) simulates the effects of aging and dementia in a virtual environment, so that cognitively intact people can gain an appreciation of the issues confronting others with dementia. The VDE completely occupies the senses of users, immersing them in the world of a person with dementia.

    Windows 8, Kinect for Windows SDK, Visual Studio, Unreal Game Engine




    S.E.C.S. is a full hardware and software solution for controlling crop cultivation remotely and in real time.

    Windows Phone 8, Windows Server, Microsoft Azure, Visual Studio, Any Open Source Library




    enCourage anonymously broadcasts signals for help, immediately informs everyone in the local area about nearby emergency situations, and helps users coordinate and work towards deescalating the situation at hand.

    Windows 8 Store App, Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, Windows ASP.NET, .NET Framework, Microsoft Azure, Bing/Bing Maps, Visual Studio, Xamarin




    Unobtrusive behavioral analysis to capture early Parkinson's Disease symptoms.

    Windows 8 Store App, Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, Windows Server, .NET Framework, Microsoft Azure, Visual Studio, Any Open Source Library, Skype API




    Solidare Apps quickly connects its donors with orphaned children across the globe to help improve their lives and ensure they don't drop out of school.

    Windows 8 Phone App, Microsoft Azure




    HeartWatch uses a Microsoft Band to detect cardiac arrhythmias. It can even notify friends and family in case of serious cardiac issues.

    Windows 8 Store App, Windows Phone 8, .NET Framework, Microsoft Azure, Visual Studio, Any Open Source Library, Microsoft Band SDK



    Play S-Cool

    Play S-Cool wants to help students of elementary school to learn in a better way and reduce child obesity, through physical activities in their classrooms with the use of Kinect to answer activities with questions of multiple answers created by their teachers.

    Windows 8 Store App, Kinect for Windows SDK, .NET Framework, Visual Studio, MonoGame, Facebook API




    AsthmaVisor is a solution geared towards a more cost-effective and efficient way of supervising asthmatic patients.

    Windows 8 Store App, Windows 8, Windows ASP.NET, .NET Framework, Microsoft Azure, Visual Studio




    EpSyDet is a phone application that will detect epileptic seizures via a smartwatch and notify a caretaker.

    Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, Windows ASP.NET, .NET Framework, Microsoft Azure, Visual Studio




    Mozter is a mosquito monitoring platform that leverages the Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud-based technologies to assist mosquito control officers with national mosquito surveillance and control programmes.

    Windows Phone 8, Windows Server, Windows ASP.NET, .NET Framework, Microsoft Azure, Visual Studio, Any Open Source Library




    Boby is an easy and unobtrusive way for couples to monitor Basal Temperature to help with pregnancy planning.

    Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, Microsoft Azure, Visual Studio, Any Open Source Library

    United Arab Emirates

    Freedom Fragrance


    VioLens offers a doorway to security where victims and bystanders can confidentially report instances of abuse. The anonymity of the reporting empowers the community to do the right thing without the fear of being attacked by the abusers and empower the victim to speak up.

    Bing/Bing Maps, Visual Studio, Windows Phone 8.1 SDK , Microsoft Cortana

    Three first place winning teams move on to the Championship Round where one team will be crowned the Imagine Cup World Champion and have the opportunity to meet with Satya Nadella. 

    Software Development Lifecycle Challenges

    Throughout this year’s program, students had the opportunity to participate in Challenges that align with the Software Development Lifecycle in the hopes to expand experience and coaching opportunities from judges for teams, allowing students to think beyond the competition to where and how they could one day bring their idea to market. These three challenges were set up for students to evolve their projects leading up to the Imagine Cup World Finals.

    · Pitch Video Challenge: In this challenge, students are asked to create a five minute video pitch of their project idea. No prototypes or examples yet, this focuses solely on the craft of developing and selling their idea.

    · Project Blueprint Challenge: In this challenge, students deliver a project proposal articulating the users, requirements, scenarios and business model for the team’s project.

    · User Experience Challenge: In this final challenge, students are asked to demonstrate the user experience, sharing user flow, wireframes and a visual target for how the software will display on screen.

    Who will win the Imagine Cup World Championship?

    Tune in on Friday, July 31 @ 12pm PT & watch the LIVE webcast!

  • Microsoft UK Faculty Connection

    The Imagine Cup 2015 World Finals: 27 July – 31 July



    On Monday I will in Redmond with the UK Winners Team Siymb for the World Wide finals of the Imagine Cup


    · Follow the completion live on Twitter at #ImagineCup for live updates

    · Save the Date for the World Wide ChampionShips:

    · Check out the Imagine Cup Facebook event!

    · Watch Imagine Cup on Periscope! Follow @MSFTImagine for live updates.

    Live Webcast: July 31, 2015

    · Watch Satya Nadella crown the next World Champion!

    · Live stream starts Friday, 31 July at 12:00 pm PT at

    Good Luck to Jakob and Konstantin's and here to bringing the trophy home with team SIymb and the University of Exeter!

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