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    DreamSpark and Apphub Creation step by step guide



    So if your a Student or Academic and you want to get a free Dreamspark account and upload some phone apps via App Hub waiving the $99 fee. follow the following step by step by step process.

    1) Go to and sign in with a LiveID (you can create a LiveID using your email address or a personal email address if preferred) or if your a school or college administrator with a email you can register your school.


    2) Select your country and status

    1) UK
    2) Verify as a Student
    3) Get verified through my school
    4) Click Continue


    4) Select correct School, college or University.


    5) Type in your information, and be sure to use your email address.


    6) Check your email for verification:


    7) Follow instructions to activate by clicking on the link and typing in the code sent to your email address.


    8) After this is done, go to and choose account type, “Student”. This will waive the $99 fee.


    9) Go through the entire App Hub account creation process. follow the step by step guide here

    10) It will lead to another email to confirm your App Hub account.


    11) To register your phone handsets

    1. Turn on your phone and if necessary unlock the phone screen.

    2. On your phone, ensure that the date and time are correct.

    3. Using the USB cable that came with your phone, connect your phone to your computer. On your computer, the Zune software starts automatically. If Zune does not start, then start it manually.

    4. On your computer, click Start, click All Programs, and then click Windows Phone SDK 7.1.

    5. Click Windows Phone Developer Registration.The application starts, as shown in the following image. Verify that the Status message displays Phone ready. Please enter your Windows Live ID and password and click "Register" to begin.


      If your phone is already registered, the Status message will indicate this and you will see an Unregister button.

    6. Enter the Windows Live ID and password that correspond to your App Hub membership.

    7. Click Register.

    After your phone is successfully registered, the Status message will display Your phone has successfully been registered. You can now deploy applications to the Windows Phone. If you ever need to, you can also unregister the device by clicking Unregister in the tool.

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    Microsoft Research PhD Scholarship 2012



    Microsoft Research PhD Scholarship 2012

    The website is now live for the next PhD Scholarship Programme applications call

    Application deadline: 16 September 2011, 17:00 GMT

    Please let your academic contacts know about it!

    The programme is open to all universities or national research institutions in any country in Europe, the Middle East or Africa.

    As previous years, applications must be made by PhD supervisors not by students. Supervisors will be informed of our decision in January 2012 and will then have up to one year to find the best student for the proposed project. Students will typically start their PhD in October 2012.

    The page also contains a link to a number of currently open PhD positions sponsored by Microsoft Research at a number of Universities:

    If you have questions or feedback, please contact us.

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    So what's new in Windows Phone 8



    Over the past few days I have been at a number of events and had a lot of questions of what’s new in Windows Phone 8.

    htc-8x-1 lumia820_main lumia920_main

      So here a quick video of what’s new.


    Here a quick video on Windows Phone speech integration



    For more details of Windows Phone see don't forget you can get the SDK from and we have specific Windows Phone competition in the

    For detail technical content see the following WindowsPhone content from

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    Guide to Developing Windows Store Applications in the Labs



    In order to develop Windows Store applications, you need to use Windows 8 and Visual Studio 2012. These are available to you in the labs, but there are a few steps you need to take in order to develop Windows Store applications in the labs. These are required because:

    a) A Windows Developer license is required in order to develop Windows Store applications. In order to get one of these, you need to be running with Administrator privileges and, student accounts within your labs DO NOT have admin privileges.

    b) Windows Store applications cannot be deployed from a network drive and, of course, your Student location/drive in the labs are generally a network drive.

    Thanks to Wayne Rippin at Derby University who has developed the following guidance to overcome these restrictions and this blogs describes the steps you need to take.

    Obtain a Microsoft Account

    Before you do anything, you need to acquire a Microsoft Account. Some of you may already have one (it used to be known as a Live ID), but if not, you can easily acquire one from the following location:

    You can either use an existing email id or get a new one. You do not need to use your University email ID.

    Please Note: All Students receive a FREE Developer account via DreamSpark see for Visual Studio Developer activation a LIVE ID/Microsoft account is the only requirement

    Obtaining a Windows Developer License in the Labs

    The machine will need to be logged into as a local admin to enable/activate visual studio

    The following PowerShell commands will remove the necessity of the local user having admin rights

    Please create a folder within the local machines and create the following PowerShell commands.








    Privilege Guard installed or a rights evaluation tool

    User Instructions

    Once you have logged in, go to the Windows Desktop and use Windows Explorer to navigate to the ( C:\Tools folder (or the folder your storing these scripts). This folder contains three scripts that perform various actions on Windows Developer licenses.

    Right-click on the script called showdev. One of the options you will see is “Run with Privilege Guard”. Select this and a dialog box should be displayed asking you to accept the license terms for a Windows Developer license. Press the button to accept these terms.

    If at this stage, the script terminates, just perform the above step again. For some reason, the first time this script is run, it just terminates when the license terms are accepted, rather than continuing.

    You should now see a progress box appear and then you will be asked to enter your Microsoft Account ID (LIVEID) and password.  If this is accepted, you should then see a dialog box that tells you that you have successfully acquired a Windows Developer license. It will also tell you the date on which the license expires.

    You can now start up Visual Studio 2012 and create a Windows Store application.

    Building from a Network Drive

    When you attempt to run a Windows Store application from Visual Studio, it actually deploys the application to the computer it is running on. Unfortunately, Windows Store applications cannot be deployed from a network drive. To solve this problem, you need to change the build target directory for your project so that it builds the application to a local drive:

    • If you are building a C# project, right-click on the project name in the Solution Explorer. This will bring up the properties tabs for the project. Select the Build tab. Go down to the Output Path and change this to ‘C:\temp’.
    • If you are building a C++project, right-click on the project name in the Solution Explorer. This will bring up the properties pages for the project. Under Configuration Properties, select General. Change the setting for Output Directory to ‘C:\temp’.

    Now when your project is built, the output files will be placed in C:\temp. When you run your application, it will be deployed successfully.

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    Microsoft @ ALT-C 2012



    ALT-C is an annual conference for learning technologists. This year it will be held at the University of Manchester on 11th – 13th September and Microsoft and Collabco will be exhibiting here for the first time.

    collabco office365moodle

    Collabco will be supporting the Microsoft exhibition at the ALT Conference, showcasing the work that we have carried out at Blackpool & the Fylde College.  The project involved adding value to an Office 365 for education solution for the college.  Collabco’s Hub Metro solution, is a SharePoint 2010 based solution. It pulls together the essential elements of Office 365 for education, such as e-mail, MySites and calendars, together with the systems students need access to on a daily basis such as timetable, Moodle, e-payments and library systems. 



    Giving students (and ultimately staff) this “single pane” view of all the systems they need, with seamless access to the collaboration tools in SharePoint and Office 365 for education, delivers a compelling solution.  This addresses many of the college’s requirements of an integrated learning platform and helps to further integrate Moodle into the delivery of learning to students.  The college is able to customise the look and feel of the platform and add further connectors to new systems as they are brought on stream. 



    A further phase of the project will allow the college to deliver all of this information easily to the students mobile devices and smartphone, allowing them to be kept fully up to date and informed of assignment deadlines, overdue library books, room changes and other useful information.

    With Windows 8 Live tiles on the Windows Start screen display information from your website and service and turn your app into a real time awareness engine - even when it’s not running. Your services and your app, will grab your users’ attention and keep them informed of the latest announcements and updates.

    Windows 8 gives you the opportunity as an educational institution huge potential by personalising the learning and interactions with your students, the ability to list your apps in the Windows Store to current and potential students of your institution allows you to reach millions of potential applicants, learners or associated partners.

    I will be attending ALT-C, so if you are interested in leverage your existing technical staffs skills, Code fast, fluid, immersive and beautiful Windows 8 applications in HTML5/JavaScript, XAML/C# and C/C++ come by the Microsoft stand for a discussion.  If you’re simply interested in existing and new Microsoft
    Platform and Developer technologies and want to be informed of where our languages, platforms and tools are heading or simply try out Windows 8.

    Further details of Microsoft Windows 8 development

    Running Moodle on Windows Azure

    Integrating Moddle and Live@edu

    Running Opensource Applications on Azure

    Building Custom Office or SharePoint apps

    Windows Azure Educator and Student Passes for teaching, learning and research

    Building Mobile Application with cloud services

    So if you’re interested in exploring the use of any of these drop by the Microsoft stand for chat.

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    Best of Innovations 2012: Next Generation Microsoft Surface



    Samsung SUR40 for Microsoft Surface (SUR40) is now available for purchase through Samsung channel and reseller partners. The device, manufactured by Samsung, was selected as an International Consumer Electronics Show “Best of Innovations 2012” award winner. For updates, monitor Microsoft Surface.

    The Surface 2 SUR40 is considerably less expensive than the first-generation device. Apart from the lower price, the main improvement is its much reduced size. The Surface 2 is now more like a coffee table with no bulky pedestal.

    A really nice example of Surface + Microsoft technology application is a retail example was produced by Razorfish

    Basically the surface 2 is an amazing device which simply can be used to do anything however you need to develop specific applications for the surface using the Surface 2 SDK see

    As the previous post state the Surface 2 requires custom development. If you do not have these skills in house we would recommend using a Surface 2 application development partner such as:-

    Suite 420 4th Floor,
    Davis House Business Centre,
    Robert Street,
    CR0 1QQ


    Black Marble
    Woodland Park
    Bradford Road
    Chain Bar,
    West Yorkshire,
    BD19 6BW

    The Surface can also be purchased with a selection of custom apps for less than >£7k

    The Microsoft Surface team have a number of You Tube videos see

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    Get your non technical students Publishing a Windows Phone App


    Great new app ideas aren’t worth much if you don’t get them out there. There is nothing more important to students than being to develop a suitable portfolio to get them ahead in future career aspirations.

    So with student getting back to University this week its key that they make the most of the FREE resources we offer. 

    Even non technical students will find the following resources of use to developing apps. So if your at school, college or University educators and students need to ensure they register for DreamSpark and register for Free developer resources and accounts for publishing Windows 8 and Windows Phone apps.

    So here’s a way to make developing and publishing your app ideas easy and fast.

    All DreamSpark institutions and students over 18 get FREE membership in the Windows 8 Dev Center and Windows Phone Dev Center where you can submit applications for publication for Windows 8 and Windows Phone.

    Building for Windows Phone

    Windows Phone is one of the best-designed mobile operating system with the best developer platform. It has strong consumer momentum, too, growing at a rate 6 times faster than the overall Smartphone market according to our internal analysis of available data.

    Here are some outstanding resources to get you started, based on your skill level.

    1. Windows Phone App Studio and ZipApp these are great tools that makes developing Windows 8 and Windows Phone applications easier for beginners. In fact, some developers have gotten up and running on it in as little as 10 minutes.

    2. If you’re new to traditional software development, Windows Phone 8 Development for Absolute Beginners is an easy-to-follow, 35-part course that takes you from beginning to end in building two completely Store-worthy apps.

    3. Experienced developers can learn the ropes of Windows Phone development in our fast-paced, demo-rich online course, Windows Phone 8 Jump Start.

    Nokia Developer Program DLVP

    You’ll also find ways to have some fun with your app development, in Nokia’s DVLUP program. There, the apps you submit help you complete challenges and earn XP (experience points) you can redeem for rewards, everything from gift cards to the latest Nokia Lumia devices. Terms and Conditions of DVLUP apply.

    We look forward to seeing your first app and to helping you get it to the world.

    And because you already have a Microsoft Dev Center account, you can quickly submit applications for the fastest-growing smartphone platform.

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    Windows Phone Developer Camps in July


    The Windows Phone Camps are events which will show you how to learn and build Windows Phone apps. You can work on your own projects with assistance from our Windows Phone MVPs, network with others and also have the option of attending short tutorial sessions on Windows Phone related topics. If you are new to Windows Phone, this is the ideal event for you as you will have the opportunity to understand the general approach and capabilities of Windows Phone development.

    The Windows Phone Camps will cover an introductory design session as well as a range of short tutorial sessions. Short tutorial sessions will include topics such as Introduction to Windows Phone Development, Controls & Control Toolkit, Execution Model, Storing Data, Launchers & Choosers, Accessing Cloud Services, Marketplace & Submission. There will also be informal Mango tutorial sessions on offer covering topics such as Multi-tasking, Debugging & Profiling, Motion API, Advertising SDK and Sockets.

    There are a basic set of things you should prepare before attending the camp. This includes bringing your own suitable laptop with the Windows Phone Developer tools installed (these are free) preferably these are the latest version of the tools.

    Lastly, please let us know as soon as you can if you cannot make the camp as there will be many developers who are keen to take your spot. Please let us know (via written email) at least 2 days in advance if you are unable to attend the camp or a £20 administration fee will be charged. Please respect the trainers and your fellow delegates by turning up if you have registered and committed.

    The Windows Phone Camp will kick off at 9am and finish at 9pm. Spaces are limited, so register your place in the Windows Phone Camp today!

    Click here to register now.

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    August Update from Microsoft Research & Faculty Connection



    Understanding the Immune Response to HIV

    HIV infection may not be the death sentence it once was, but it remains an undeniably serious condition that requires aggressive, life-long treatment and entails the ever-present threat of severe immunological impairment. Consequently, medical researchers continue to investigate the mechanisms by which HIV infection evades detection by the body’s normal immune responses. In the August 3, 2011, issue of Nature, investigators from the Ragon Institute of MGH, MIT, and Harvard; Imperial College London; the National Cancer Institute; and Microsoft Research have shed light on the interactions of HIV and the immune system’s natural killer (NK) cells. The paper is the first to show that NK cells play a direct role in fighting HIV. This knowledge opens a new path of research into ways to beat the virus.


    Graduate Women's Scholarship Program

    The Microsoft Research Graduate Women’s Scholarship is a one-year scholarship program for outstanding women graduate students and is designed to help increase the number of women pursuing a PhD. This program supports women in the second year of their graduate studies. Women who are interested in this scholarship must apply during their first year of graduate studies. Scholarships are granted by Microsoft Research at the discretion of Microsoft. Microsoft began accepting applications on Tuesday, August 16, 2011. To be considered, all applications must be submitted by Thursday, October 6, 2011, 11:59 P.M. Pacific Time.


    Kinect for Windows SDK Beta Refresh Available

    Interest in the Kinect for Windows Software Development Kit (SDK) beta, released on June 16, 2011, has been strong, and we’re delighted to learn that so many developers and innovators who are experimenting with natural user interface (NUI) applications have taken advantage of the SDK to explore the potential of the Kinect sensor. In support of our commitment to encourage researchers and enthusiasts in their exploration of the exciting possibilities of the Kinect sensor, we have now released a refreshed version of the SDK. The community has provided us with a lot of good feedback, and this release addresses some of the top items you’ve told us about.


    Microsoft Research PhD Fellowship Program for 2012

    The Microsoft Research PhD Fellowship Program for 2012 started accepting applications on Tuesday, August 16, 2011. This program recognizes the best and the brightest Ph.D. students in the United States and Canada. Applicants must be enrolled in a full-time PhD program in an accredited university in the United States or Canada, with a research focus in computer science, mathematics, or electrical engineering. All applications must be submitted through the office of the department chair. To be considered, all applications must be submitted by Thursday, October 6, 2011, 11:59 P.M. Pacific Time.


    Cloud Infrastructure Soars in Europe

    It was barely a year ago that European scientific and industry leaders came together to develop, test, and deploy a high-quality, interoperable cloud platform for industry and research. The result was VENUS-C (Virtual multidisciplinary EnviroNments USing Cloud infrastructures). Jointly sponsored by the European Commission and a consortium of 14 partners, among them Microsoft Research, VENUS-C was conceived to meet the needs of seven different research and commercial areas: bioinformatics, systems biology, drug discovery, civil engineering, civil protection, civil emergencies, and marine biodiversity. VENUS-C has since developed into a functional, operational platform, and is now being used for 15 new pilot projects, which received seed funds after an open call that elicited 60 proposals from throughout Europe.


    Faculty Summit 2011

    As you may already know, Microsoft Research Connections hosted our twelfth Faculty Summit in July, providing a forum for lively debate of the development, application, and funding of technologies in the environmental, medical, and educational spheres over a long period of time. Presentations and streaming video of keynotes, talks, panels, workshops, and demonstrations are now available on-demand—find links to them on the agenda page.

    Upcoming Events

    September 8–9 Microsoft Biology Foundation Workshop 2011, Phoenix, AZ

    September 27  Microsoft Research 20-Year Anniversary, Redmond, WA, United States

    October 20—21 Microsoft Biology Foundation Workshop 2011, San Diego, CA

    October 23—25 eScience Workshop: Transforming Scholarly Communication, Cambridge, MA

    November 9–12 Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing, Portland, OR, United States

    December 4–8 2011 eScience in Action Workshop, Stockholm, Sweden

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    Tips for building stunning Windows 8 application for ARM




    So if your interested in developing application of games for Windows 8 ARM devices the following white paper on ARM Development is an essential read

    Additionally we have produced some best practice guidance for developing applications and games using HTML5/JS C# C++

    For more details on Windows 8 see

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